Daft Punk’s “Homework” (1997)

(Originally Published July 3rd 2012)

 I had never really listened to any Daft Punk before the January of 2012. My electronic music experience was limited to Deadmau5, Kraftwerk and lots and lots of chiptune. I figured a good first step in getting a more solid footing in the genre would be to listen to one of its most prominent contributors – Daft Punk – and so I sat down and listened to their first album “Homework.”

…over and over again. Twenty-four times actually, some songs got more attention than others though. “Da Funk” stands at a solid fifty-four listens.

If those numbers don’t speak for themselves well, I really love Daft Punk’s “Homework.”  It’s such an interesting  debut for the French duo; their sample-heavy, funky, drum-machine-pulsed music is here in full force – and in “Homework” it feels new. It doesn’t feel perfected, or expected – it doesn’t even sound professional at times. “Homework” is an exciting listen and I love it for all of its top-tier tracks and its – well, not-so top tier tracks. I love the track “Teachers”  even though I swore time and time again “there’s no way this could possibly grow on me.”

Beware. Daft Punk grows on you.


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