Warren G’s “Regulate…G Funk Era” (1994)

(Originally Published July 5th 2012)
N.W.A.’s “Straight Outta Compton” (1988) was my only significant exposure to any sort of hip-hop until recently; and I’ll have to talk about that album one day, but right now I want to talk about Warren G’s “Regulate…G Funk Era” or simply just “G Funk Era.”Warren sounds phenomenal. His voice carries his lyrics with a cool, calm, confidence that compliments the downbeat, head-bob-inducing bass and funky guitar riffs present in his songs. All of these elements come together in a flawless combination and I really enjoy it.

Having only been exposed to N.W.A.’s brand of hip-hop I was pleasantly surprised to find how positive “G Funk Era” was not an album of hate and anger. The album is the emotional equivalent of chilling with your friends and talking about life; it’s always relaxed and isn’t entirely too positive or negative.”Regulate…G Funk Era” is a damn fine album and it’s casually-bad-ass qualities cannot be under-appreciated.


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