Nuzlocke Challenge: Log One

(Log One)
  1. I can only catch the first Pokémon encountered on any route, I must name every Pokémon I catch, and when a Pokémon faints they are released. No exceptions, not even for my starter. I accept the Nuzlocke challenge, and this is the log of everything that happens.
  2. As an added bonus I am using the Randomized version of Emerald, so my starters and which Pokémon I encounter on routes will be randomly determined at the beginning of the game. I will not reset the game.
  3. Are you a boy? Or a girl? Well I played as a boy last time around, so this time I’ll be a girl. All right. What’s your name? Coco. Her name’s Coco.
  4. I love the beginning of Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. More games need to start with placing children in clear and present danger, or in the back of a moving truck full of heavy boxes and furniture.
  5. Just got introduced to BRENDAN. Right about now I’m regretting not using all-caps for Coco’s name, everybody else in this world does. Also set the clock in my bedroom (a bedroom which, I’ll never use because I’m going on a sweet adventure) and grabbed a potion out of the PC.
  6. Prof. Birch is getting chased by a Zigzagoon, and now comes the moment of truth… which starter do I choose?  Quilava, Magby, or Spoink? Spoink only knows splash, Quilava knows tackle, leer, and smokescreen and Magby only knows ember. Alright. Call me an idiot, but I’m going with the baby Pokémon. I choose you, Magby.
  7. Magby wins! I’m going to name him Kingsford, because Magby’s the live coal Pokémon. Off to Route 103 to find BRENDAN. First encounter in the wild’s a Weezing: Kingsford wins. Can’t stand the music while I’m fast-fowarding through these battles though so I’m going to listen to Anamanaguchi’s “Endless Fantasy” which I got through the band’s Kickstarter the other day.
  8. Just checked Weezing’s starting moveset on Bulbapedia. They know self-destruct. I must avoid the grass on Route 101. Also in case anybody cares about this stuff, Kingsford’s got a jolly nature and has the flame body ability, which “Burns the foe on contact.”
  9. Grinded Kingsford up to level 8 before reaching Oldale Town. Besides Weezings, Route 101 offered Shedinjas and Stantlers; easy pickings for Kingsford. Obtained a ‘Promotional Item’ from the Pokémart, I now have two potions. Route 103 has Girafarigs, Dustoxes, and Dodrios. Kingsford reaches level 11 before the fight with BRENDAN.
  10. BRENDAN has a Mudkip. I know Mudkip doesn’t know any water moves by now so I don’t worry too much, but still. Kingsford makes quick work despite the type disadvantage. We head back home to Littleroot.

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