Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Two

(Log Two)
  1. Pokédexes are flying off of Prof. Birch’s shelves like hotcakes. Hotcakes on shelves. Okay, this could have started off better.
  2. After BRENDAN gets loads of compliments from his father he gives Coco some Pokéballs. I figure I’ll head to routes 101 and 103 and catch what I catch.
  3. Mom gives me some Running Shoes, and things were never the same. She reads me the instructions on how to use running shoes, and wishes me luck on my great journey. She kind of strikes me as being the cool Mom in a Miyazaki/Ghibli joint.
  4. Route 101: Ran into a level 2 Weezing. Like an idiot I decide that I should “weaken in before I throw my Pokéball,” thus killing said Weezing. Route 101’s a bust. Time to grind. Kingsford reaches level 12 before I reach Oldale again, and it’s time to try my luck on Route 103.
  5. Route 103: Come across a level 2 Girafarig. Takes two tries, and Kingsford takes some hits, but I catch it. I named her Elie. I take Elie back to Route 101 to fight Shedinjas and Stantlers. I guess some Shedinjas are tough to kill because they’re impervious to damage, or will use harden. In a fight with a Stantler, Elie almost dies, but gains a level. Life’s tough Elie.
  6. Also: Elie’s got a relaxed nature, and the early bird ability, which lets her wake up from sleep faster. Nice. Me and Elie get to killing Stantlers over and over again, which is the only way she’ll get stronger on Route 101 since Shedinja’s aren’t effected by Tackle and Coco’s not taking the risk of getting Elie killed by Weezing’s self-destruct.
  7. Elie reached level 7 and learned Astonish. Finally have something to deal with those Shedinjas. Will grind Route 101 until she reaches level 10, and then grind out Route 103.
  8. Route 103: Elie reached level 11 and Kingsford reached level 13; learned Smog. So nice to see new faces: Dustox, Dudrio, Girafarigs. I was getting pretty worn out of seeing the Weezing, Shedinja, Stantler trio a.k.a. the worst comedy troupe you’ve ever seen.
  9. Nonetheless, I’m ready for surprises. Let’s check out Route 102 and see who’s kicking. I buy two Pokéballs to replace those it took to catch Elie. Speaking of which, I decide to put Elie on the front lines of War. God forbid anything happen to Kingsford, let the new guy do the exploring.
  10. The first Pokémon I encounter on Route 102 is Mewtwo. Given his catch rate I don’t even bother wasting a Pokéball. Elie uses Astonish and kills the level 4 Mewtwo. I can no longer catch any Pokémon on Route 102. Shit.

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