My Sardine Can

A friend once described the rooms in Tower C as “Sardine Cans” and while they are indeed small there’s something I really like about it. A part of it is definitely that its my sardine can. I can leave the air conditioning on all day if I feel like. I can play whatever music I want to whenever I want to. I can sit down in my briefs and write a blog post because there’s nobody else here to say otherwise. There’s also a serious case of isolation happening right now; my blinds are shut, my door is closed and I have practically zero interaction with the other students in this dorm. I don’t mind though, as I’m only here for five more weeks. What worries me a little with isolation is how easy it is to start running on my internal clock. Other people going to bed, waking up, and getting food affects when I want to go to bed, wake up, and get food. Here in this vacuum I’m going to sleep later, waking up later, and eating at what seems like weird times. I don’t need people to be there to talk to, I need people to be there to act as my reminder that staying up past four and sleeping past two isn’t “normal.” 


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