Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Three

(Log Three)
  1. Route 102 offers Mewtwo, Graveller, Clamperl, Wurmple, and Nincada. But of course I had to run into Mewtwo first. This upsets the Coco.
  2. Grinding out Route 102 lets Elie reach level 13 and learn Confusion. With Normal, Psychic, and Ghost attacks Elie is starting to really seem like an important team player.
  3. I spot the first trainer battle on Route 102 and decide to let Kingsford have at ‘em since he’s been kind of neglected since Elie joined the group. He’s Youngster Calvin, and he’s got a Poochyena which is honestly a better Pokémon than I expected him to have.
  4. Kingsford kills Calivn’s Poochyena, and Calvin pays me 80 bucks. Pokémon is messed up. I send Bug Catcher Rick and Youngster Allen through the same emotional torment.
  5. “I called you because I thought I could beat you…” lamented Youngster Allen, as Coco and Kingsford marched off victorious.
  6. Coco picks Oran berries from a bush, and plants some of them back in the soil because she’s not entirely heartless and doesn’t want to hurt the surrounding environment. Kingsford gets an Oran berry to hold; which restores HP, and Elie gets a Pecha berry; which cures poison.
  7. A little off the path of Route 102 I find another potion: which makes three finds without paying for one (score!) and Kingsford kills another pesky Mewtwo hiding in the grass.
  8. I reach Petalburg city, where a woman tries to tell me that I have a Torchic (don’t be ridiculous) and Coco tells a man who likes her smile that “ATTACK DEPT.STORE I WAS EXCUSE ME” and he thought it was “F-Fantastic!”
  9. For some reason I really like how Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald takes you to a city with a gym you’re not prepared for –before- the first gym. And it’s your Dad’s gym too, so you know that’s going to be awesome when it happens. I know Red/Blue/Yellow did this before, but this time it’s personal! (And I also never completed a game of Red/Blue/Yellow…)
  10. I stop to buy Antidote, just to have that on my person in case of an emergency. I stop to talk to a kid staring into the water who tells me “My face is reflected in the water. It’s a shining grin full of hope…Or it could be a look of somber silence struggling with fear…What do you see reflected in your face?” Coco is uncomfortable.

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