Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Four

(Log Four)
  1. Coco heads to the Petalburg gym to chill with her father, Wally catches a Ralts (lucky) and Dad passes on some advice about how you should be seriously over-leveled when facing gym leaders. Thanks Norm.
  2. Okay. Route 104: First encounter is a Spinarak. I’ll actually be really happy to catch this guy. Elie uses Astonish: leaves Spinarak weak enough to catch. Catch successful. Mae the Spinarak joins the team. Level 5, Quirky nature, with the swarm ability which “Ups Bug moves in a pinch.”
  3. Mae knows Poison Sting, going back to Route 101 to train her up to level 10 at the least. She’ll learn Night Shade at level 17 and evolve at 22 if she lives that long. Mae grows to level 6 and learns Scary Face which reduces speed, and reduced speed means reduced critical hit chance I think which will come in handy.
  4. Mae’s pretty much just fighting Stantlers like Elie did when she first joined the team. They don’t pose much of a threat but those critical-hit tackles are kind of scary. Whenever Mae’s health drops to 7 or 8 I swap her out just to be safe.
  5. Despite being a solid level 10 I really don’t feel sure about Mae. It probably has to do with the whole being a Bug-Pokémon thing. When Kingsford and Elie were level 10 I didn’t have to worry about sending them out to fight level 2 Stantlers, but I feel like Mae could still be KO’d by a critical-hit tackle.
  6. While training on Route 102 Mae ran into a Hitmonchan (which I’ve never seen on Route 102 before) and I really feel like I should go learn my type advantages again because I had no idea who had the advantage in Bug v. Fighting. Mae won though.
  7. Mae reaches level 11 and learns constrict, I decide that it’s past time I move past grinding levels and move back on track to Route 104. We run into a Linoone who Headbutts Mae down to 1 health. Seriously Mae? Now’s when I really wish I had run into a Linoone instead of a Spinarak.
  8. I pay more attention to why Mae could be dropped so easily, and it’s those damn Tail-Whips. Linoones lower your defense with Tail-Whip, lower your offense with Growl, and then hit you with the Headbutt. Mae reaches level 13 and I’m so done with training her for now. I put Kingsford first in the party and decide I should train him up from 15 to 20 before moving into the next zone.
  9. Kingsford hits level 19 and learns Fire-Punch. Oh man! Dude, Magby was so the right choice. Kingsford is straight-up laying down Ember on Seadras, Glalies, Donphans, and other Pokémon around Route 104.
  10. After Fire-Punching a Seadra to death Kingsford was poisoned by Seadra’s poison-barb ability. I have an antidote but I think we can make it to the Pokémon Center in time. By the time Coco reaches the Pokémon Center Kingsford has 25 out of 52 Health Points. We had time to spare, but still. Not fond of the idea of losing a Pokémon to poison, so I’m going to spend some fight money on antidotes and potions. With Kingsford on the cusp on reaching level 20, Coco heads into the Petalburg forest.

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