Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Five

(Log Five)
  1. Bug Catcher Lyle had four level 3 Wurmples. Had. Life’s tough, kid.
  2. Oh my god. Oh my god. First Pokémon encountered in Petalburg forest is a Heracross. Not going to screw this up, I’m sending the weak Mae to deal some light damage so I can catch this guy.
  3. Mae uses Constrict and Poison Sting, and the Heracross is captured. However, poisoned. So I’ll have to use the antidote I’m holding on to so he can survive. I take a long time to name him, since I get the feeling he’s going to be an important team player. I settle with Ramsay.
  4. Ramsay’s got a docile nature, with the guts ability which ups his stack if he’s suffering. As of right now he’s level 5 so he only knows Tackle and Leer. I’m not going to train him right now though, it’s time for Coco to get to Rustboro city already. So we’re going to push through Petalburg Forest.
  5. I grab three more antidotes, a paralyze heal, and an awakening in the Pokémart before headed back to the forest. In the wild I find another potion, pokéball, and paralyze heal. Nice! Besides supplies the forest is full of Snorlaxes, Gligars, Heracrosses, and Kakunas.
  6. Some dude in the forest is asking for “Shroomish” (I know what you really mean by that) and we get jumped by some Team Aqua Grunt who thinks a level 9 Poochyena is going to be enough to enforce gang violence.
  7. This guy from Devon Research gives me a Great Ball (woo!) and leaves me with “Uh oh! It’s a crisis!” which erases all doubts I had about him not already knowing where to find “Shroomish.”
  8. Once I get out of the forest, some kid offers to teach my Pokémon how to spit seeds, but not a single one can learn TM-09. The girls at the Pretty Petal Flower Shop teach Coco all about berries and give me a watering can to take care of berries I plant into the ground. I think since I’m playing on an emulator no berries I plant will actually grow, but whatever. Berries seem kind of pointless. Despite this, I plant two berries into the ground and water them for the hell of it.
  9. Rich Boy Winston accepts my challenge because he has “A lot of money.” After I kill his Zigzagoon, Winston gives me $1,400. Winston doesn’t lie at least. “There are some things money can’t buy…That’s Pokémon” Winston said in mourning of his only companion.
  10. Coco finally reaches Rustboro city, then realizing that the strongest Pokémon she has to take on the city’s rock-type gym is a fire-type. Shit.

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