Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Six

(Log Six)

  1. So the first gym is full of rock-type Pokémon, and I’ve got a fire-type, a normal-type, and two bug-types. I think I’m going to move on past Rustboro City and hope that I can catch something that might be good against Rock.
  2. Before doing that, I’m going to train Ramsay a little bit. Get him up to level 10 so he’s on par with everyone else. He learns a fighting-type move at level 23 but that’s going to take so long to reach. I’ll do it if I have to, but I’d rather catch something else.
  3. There’s a man in Rustboro city who’s nicknamed his Pikachu, “Pekachu.” Just wanted to throw that out there.
  4. I stop by the Cutter’s house and pick up HM01: Cut. Ramsay was the only one who could learn it, so I gave it to him. A visit to the Devon Corp apartments is rewarded with a Premier Ball, which functions identically to the Pokéball I guess, but it sure looks cool.
  5. I go down to a tree on Route 104 to cut it down, but I need the badge from Rustboro to do that I guess. While training in the Petalburg Forest, Ramsay keeps getting poisoned by Gligar. Might just be better off running away from those. Still, Ramsay’s reached level 10 so I guess it’s time to push forwards.
  6. I find a Super Potion on Route 115 and decide to put Elie out in front to face whatever trainers or Pokémon we run into. Route 115 is a literal dead end, so Coco heads down Route 116 instead. Elie gets poisoned by Bug Catcher Jose’s Wurmple, but eats a Pecha Berry to cure herself. Smart thinking Elie!
  7. Sweet Jesus! The first wild Pokémon encounter on Route 116 is a Mawile! I catch it with the Premier Ball after Elie uses Astonish and Confusion to weaken it.
  8. I head back to Rustboro City to heal the new addition to the team: Melusine the Mawile. She is of an adamant nature with an intimidate ability, which lowers the enemy’s attack. She’s level 6 and only knows Astonish and Fake Tears. She’ll learn Bite at level 11. It’s pretty upsetting that she basically learns no Steel moves in the early game. Steel would have been really appreciated in Rustboro’s rock gym.
  9. I train Elie and Mae up to level 15 on route 116 which features Mawiles, Charmanders, Haunters, Minuns, Ledians, and Furrets. Elie can hold her ground against all of these, but Mae’s only good at fighting Ledians and Furrets. Once it becomes time to start putting Pokémon in PC Boxes, Mae’s looking like an early storage candidate.
  10. Ramsay reaches level 11 and learns Endure, forgetting Tackle which seems useless when he already knows Horn Attack. Being able to survive anything for one turn seems like an invaluable ability during a Nuzlocke Challenge. Coco takes out Kingsford for some end of the day training, and reaches level 23. Coco’s wonder how freaking long is it going to take before Kingsford evolves into a Magmar.

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