Eiffel 65’s “Europop” (1999)

(Originally Published July 17th 2012)
The aim of The Jade Decade is not to embrace nostalgia. That being said, I did listen to Eiffel 65’s “Europop” (1999) quite a lot in my youth. I was six years old, and it was one of my first CD’s. Now that I’ve disclosed that, I want to get into the album as is. Disregarding all nostalgia, how is this album?

Okay. The album is just okay on all fronts. About half of the album is more than okay, and the other half is less than okay: giving you one big okay album.

The good songs; Blue (Da Ba Dee), Too Much of Heaven, Dub In Life, My Console, Europop, Hyperlink (Deep Down) are full of dark synthesizer melodies, piano breaks, cheesy drums and over-processed vocals.

And the rest of the songs are full of the same things, but somehow just don’t work.

Let’s compare say, Hyperlink (Deep Down) to Move Your Body (a song I might name the worst on this album). Hyperlink is full of references that date the album; talk of modems, the sounds of dial-up – they make  the song interesting and worth listening to. Move Your Body just tries to hard to do just that, with a chorus of “Move Your Body, Every Everybody” that is so dumb it hurts.

So if you take a listen to this album; and I can actually recommend that you do, I suggest that you just keep this in mind. For every time Eiffel 65 surprises with how fun and enjoyable their tracks are, there’s a song around the corner that’s going to make you snap out of it and actively dislike the camp you were just previously enjoying.


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