What’s Up? (5/24/2013)

So when I went to my local media-store this past Tuesday they did not have Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories” (2013) which was kind of a bummer. They told me to come back Thursday, as that’s when their next warehouse delivery was due. I meant to go back to the store today, but I forgot. Still can’t wait to  sit down and just, really, do nothing but listen to the album straight-through.

Saw Star Trek Into Darkness a few hours ago. (I’m writing this at 5:18 AM so it might be more appropriate to say eleven hours ago.) Star Trek Into Darkness was pretty freaking good. That’s not the most pressing thing I want to talk about at this hour though.

At around 5 AM on the dot, I bought music from a royalty-free distributor – Audio Network. All the songs have been featured on GiantBomb.com videos and I’m just so happy to have them. The songs definitely induce thoughts of GiantBomb, but they’re actually just really good songs in their own right. They’re pleasant mindless things, perfect for say – listening to while you write a blog. I always had this preconceived notion that royalty-free music was expensive to obtain for anybody, but Audio Network only charges $1.25 per song if it’s for personal use, and then only ten cents more for student use. The prices ramp up if you’re buying the music for use for things like Corporate video or Television Production; around $135-195 respectively. A buck-twenty-five is a small price to pay for some mindless fun and happiness.

Jesus Christ, it’s 5:30 AM now. I need to sleep soon, lest I find myself jogging around the park again.


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