Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Seven

(Log Seven)
  1. Every time Kingsford gains a level I expect the game to fade to white and start playing that glorious evolution music, but no. It is not to be. I know I could just look it up on Bulbapedia, but I’d rather his evolution be a surpise.
  2. On Route 116 Kingsford fights some hikers who have Geodudes. Turns out Rock’s resistance to fire doesn’t matter all that much when the fire-type Pokémon you’re dealing with is three times your level.
  3. After seeing Kingsford deal with rock types so well, I decide I’ll try my luck with Rustboro’s rock-type gym trainers and see how he does.
  4. Kingsford does spectacularly, though given that he’s level 24 going up against some level 8 Geodudes, I should have known he would. Coco takes him back to Route 116 to gain just one more level before taking on Roxanne proper. Kingsford learns Smokescreen, and forgets Smog.
  5. Alright Roxanne let’s see what you’ve got. A level 12 Geodude? Fire punch. Another level 12 Geodude? Fire punch that shit. A level 15 Nosepass? More than a few fire punches and a super potion, but still. Way to go Kingsford!!
  6. Victory celebration interrupted by Team Aqua stealing some “Goods” from the Devon Corp. He ran off into Rusturf Tunnel, offended a Karate Master, and separated an old man from his life partner, Peeko.
  7. Caught in a dead end, Coco challenges the Team Aqua grunt who seems to have a thing for Poochyena. He could never have anticipated how over-leveled Coco and Kingsford were, and laments that his career in crime ended so anticlimactically.
  8. The old man turns out to be Mr.Briney and Peeko is a Wingull. This will be important later because Mr.Briney is like some awesome guy who just sails you around Hoenn.
  9. Let’s catch something in Rusturf Tunnel! It’s a wild Spheal! It takes three Pokéballs to catch, but it’ll be worth it. Besides being stupidly cute, Spheal is also a pretty sick Pokémon. Ice and Water moves all up in the place!
  10. Chapagne the Spheal joins the team! She’s got a relaxed nature with a thick fat ability, which protects her from the heat and cold. She’s level 6 and knows Powder Snow, Growl, and Water Gun. Meanwhile back in Rustboro…The guy from the Devon Corporation who keeps getting mugged just gets Coco to do his job for him, the President of Devon asks her to “Deliver a LETTER to STEVEN in DEWFORD” and Coco takes an inappropriate nap on the floor of his office.

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