Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Eight

(Log Eight)
  1. BRENDAN shows up to have a friendly battle and Kingsford fire-punches everything to death.
  2. Coco uses her new Pokénav to register some phone-numbers. “Devon Pres” Mr. Stone, “Lass” Haley, “Rich Boy” Winston and
    “Rad Neighbor” BRENDAN all share their contact information gladly.
  3. I find a Tiny Mushroom in Petalburg Forest; I honestly had no idea that those were actually a thing in Pokémon. I guess they’re only use is for selling. Also found: Miracle Seed, X-Attack and Great Ball.
  4. I decide that before any further progress is made, all of my Pokémon must be at level 15 or higher. That means training for Melusine the Mawile, Ramsay the Heracross, and Champagne the Spheal.
  5. Ramsay reaches level 17 and learns Fury Attack, forgetting Endure. Decided that I didn’t care about using Endure. Coco goes to the Pokémon Training School in Rustboro and gets the Quick Claw which allows for first attack. I give it to Kingsford even though he has stupidly high speed, just so he will always have first attack.
  6. Ramsay reaches level 20 and I decide that he’s done for the day. Melusine reaches level 11 and learns Bite! Hell yes!
  7. Champagne reaches level 19 and learns Body Slam; forgetting Encore, and Ice Ball; forgetting Growl.
  8. Elie reaches level 19 and learns Stomp; forgetting Tackle. Champagne, Ramsay, and Elie are at level 20. I’m exhausted from the sheer number of battles it took for this to happen. Melusine and Mae are only at level 15, but I cannot train anymore. I just can’t. I cannot.
  9. Alright. Let’s go to DEWFORD and deliver a LETTER to STEVEN. Coco heads to Mr.Briney’s Cottage, who’s totally cool with boating us over to Dewford.
  10. Dewford’s a pleasant little island. I’m pretty sure the gym’s Fighting-type which is fine, considering Elie knows Confusion I think the gym should be somewhat easy. I really like the music here, and I look forward to catching some new team-members in the nearby cave system.

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