Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Nine

(Log Nine)

  1. Maybe I’m just being a sap, but I really love the in-tune-with-nature vibe that Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald gives off. The people on Dewford Island are happy to be surrounded by the ocean, in harmony with Pokémon, and satisfied to watch life pass by slowly.
  2. Since Dewford’s such a small place, everybody thinks that “Fabulous Channel” is what’s hip and cool in Hoenn. Being quite hip and cool herself, Coco lets everybody know that “Shroomish Anime” is what’s popular.
  3. A man gives me a Silk Scarf that he made himself. It raises the power of normal-type moves so I give it to Ramsay, who only knows normal-type moves at the moment.
  4. Another man gives me an Old Rod to go fishing with. Nuzlocke rules allow for one catch per area, so I’m going to go fishing in Dewford Town. I go fishing and encounter… A Scyther! I send Mae the Spinarak to fight it. The wild Scyther is poisoned by poison sting and a race to catch it before it dies of poison begins. After wasting a Pokéball trying to catch it I pull out the big guns and use a Great Ball. Having caught the Scyther I know I have to cure the poison ASAP because there’s no way it’s going to make it to the Pokécenter.
  5. Crisis adverted, actually. Considering that I had six Pokémon, Karen the Scyther was sent to PC Box #1. Karen has a quirky nature, with the swarm ability. She’s level 9 and knows Leer, Focus Energy, and Quick Attack.
  6. I think I would prefer to have Karen on the team than Mae, but I’ll keep Mae on board for now.
  7. I put Elie on the vanguard since it wouldn’t hurt for her to get some experience before taking on Dewford’s gym. We head into Granite Cave or whatever, and the first encounter is with a Roselia. The thought of having a grass-type in the mix is exciting. I just hope I don’t screw this one up.
  8. I put Melusine in the battle, who’s Bite is weak enough not to kill the wild Roselia. It takes a Great Ball and two Pokéballs, but I catch it.
  9. Sofi the Roselia has a careful nature, with a natural cure ability which heals her when I switch her out of a battle (sounds useful.)  She’s level 9 and knows Growth, Absorb, and Poison Sting.
  10. I guess the deal with Granite Cave is that you need Flash to navigate it, but you need to beat Gym Leader Brawly to use Flash to light up caves. And you need to navigate the cave in order to deliver the LETTER to STEVEN in DEWFORD. Coco doesn’t like deceitfully complex quests.

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