Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Ten

(Log Ten)
  1. “Hey listen, I wrote a theme song to Shroomish Anime” the boy then precedes to sing the lovely words to “Shroomish Anime.” “I dare say, chap, it would pay for you to work on your singing before you trifle yourself with ‘Shroomish Anime’” a friend retorts. “What have I done to this town?” Coco wonders.
  2. Granite Cave has Roselias, Aerodactyls, Enties, and Abras. I keep training Elie there until she’s level 25, then she’s ready for Brawly.
  3. I press forward into Granite Cave, even though I cannot see very far. The first Pokémon I run into is a Metang and I’m tempted to catch it. Rules are rules though, and different floors of Granite Cave do not count as different zones.
  4. Okay Elie. Show me what you’ve got, let’s take on some fighting-type gym trainers. First opponent – Battle Girl Laura with a Meditite. Elie’s Confusion won’t do well here, but she knows Astonish too – and takes out her first gym-trainer Pokémon.
  5. Battle Two: A double battle with Sailor Brenden and Battle Girl Lilith. They have a Machop and Meditite, respectively. Elie will use Astonish on the Meditite like last time and Kingsford will brute force his way through the Machop with Fire Punch. That works well enough.
  6. After fighting everyone in the gym but gym-leader Brawly, Elie is so close to reaching level 26. I figure one last level of training wouldn’t hurt, so back to the Granite Cave one last time.
  7.  Okay Brawly. Let’s go! First up: Machop. Confusion. Dead. Next up: Meditite. Elie uses Astonish, Meditite almost dies, Brawly uses Super Potion. This continues for three rounds until the Meditite finally dies. Finally: Makuhita.
  8. Makuhita dies on the first hit of Confusion! How anticlimactic and yet, well deserved for Elie!
  9. Coco receives the Knuckle Badge from Brawly. It…allows Pokémon up to level 30 obey you without question… but… but Elie and Kingsford are almost level 30… oh shit.
  10. I really don’t like the idea of any of my Pokémon not obeying, it sounds very frustrating. I kind of feel like getting to the next gym as soon as possible. But first up: deliver the LETTER to STEVEN in DEWFORD. I teach Flash to Mae because hey, somebody has to learn Flash. And Coco heads into Granite Cave to find Steven.

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