Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Eleven

(Log Eleven)
  1. “Okay, thank you” – Steven after receiving his precious letter. Actually he’s pretty cool, and gives Coco the TM Steel Wing.
  2. Steven gives Coco his phone number but registers himself as “Hard As Rock Steven” … Coco feels uncomfortable again.
  3. I let Mr. Briney take me back to Petalburg for some light training, as I think Karen the Scyther and Sofi the Roselia might be able to use some.
  4. Karen learns Pursuit and False Swipe, forgetting Leer in favor of an invaluable move in catching Pokémon.
  5. I can’t stand any more training though, so Mr. Briney ships us over to Route 109 to head for Slateport City. On Route 109 two children building a sandcastle give me soft sand to keep. Are you serious? Now my pockets are full of sand…
  6. After fighting a beach and beach-house full of trainers, Ramsay reaches level 23 and learns Brick Break; his first fighting move, forgetting Fury Attack. As a reward for winning the Seashore Shack’s battles, Coco gets six cans of Soda Pop which are miraculously better at healing Pokémon than actual SUPER FREAKIN POTIONS.

  7. A man on the beach wisely warns people about littering, thank goodness his raccoon Pokémon eat all the trash. Coco visits the Slateport Market and ponders if any stat-boosts are actually worth nearly ten thousand dollars.
  8. I learn that people sink old ships so that sea Pokémon can use them as habitats, see? Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald hitting me with that good-vibration nature stuff again! Another man ponders if the sea is made by Pokémon tears. No, no it’s not.
  9. A guy at the Pokémon Fan Club offers to teach me Swagger, a TV Reporter interviews Coco but she only shouts “That’s It!”, and because Coco’s Pokémon lover her she’s awarded a Soothe Bell by the Fan Club. Coco sells a Tiny Mushroom for $250.
  10. I take advantage of the Nuzlocke Fishing Clause and go fishing in Slateport City. I catch a level 6 Psyduck who I name Reese. Reese has a relaxed nature with the damp ability, which prevents self-destruct moves from being used by the opponent (quite handy). Reese knows Water Sport, Scratch, and Tail Whip. While not altogether useful in the upcoming electric-type gym, Coco is pleased with the new catch.

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