What’s Up? (5/31/2013)

So today, I bought a 3DS on an impulse and the slight encouragement of two friends. It’s used, and was priced fairly. It hasn’t got any issues as far as I can tell. The volume slider and the 3D slider feel a little flimsy, but I don’t reckon I’ll be messing around with those much. I’ve played the first four levels of Super Mario 3D Land and I’ve loved it so far. It looks great and handles like you’d imagine a 3D Mario game to handle: very naturally. I’m enjoying the 3DS so far, I haven’t owned a hand-held Nintendo console since my Gameboy Color in 2000. Since then I’ve only sparingly used my Dingoo Emulator.

I also bought “An Introduction to the World of Quadraphonic Sound” for a buck, and it’s a pretty crazy record. The first side is all sound effects and musical assortments meant to show off the surround sound of Quadraphonics, interspersed with a narrator/pitch man selling you on the sheer power of Quadraphonics. The second side’s got five or six songs by popular artists at the time – like Santana or Barbra Streisand.

Today’s been a good day of purchases so far, I have to say. Got some bad news about the apartment I’m living year next year – namely that it’s trashed all to hell. The management swears they’ll have it ready by the move-in day, but I was really hoping that there wouldn’t have to be such an intense cleaning session. I think that’s it for now, I look forward to a Skyrim/Team Fortress 2 filled night. That is, unless this Dave and Buster’s thing I’m hearing about happens. Because then I look forward to that!


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