Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Twelve

(Log Twelve)
  1. After fighting Pokémon caught in Slateport City’s waters for a few minutes (mostly just Psyducks and Dragonites) Karen reaches level 20. Feeling bad for Mae who’s been level 15 since Rustboro City I decide to finally train her again, until she evolves at level 22.
  2. At level 17 Mae learns Night Shade, forgetting String Shot. This makes Mae an incredibly better Pokémon already and I regret not training her sooner.
  3. When Mae evolves I realize that since we’ve been fighting nothing but Psyducks and Dragonites that her Special Attack and Attack stats seem above average. Also Ariados! Coco rolls with a giant spider, word.
  4. So all the while I was training Mae, I kept noticing the huge number of Team Aqua Grunts around town. Time to deal with those guys, eh? I put Karen up front, since she seems capable and yet in need of training.
  5. I pay the $50 entrance fee to the Slateport Museum, and a Team Aqua Grunt remembers the beating I gave him last time and actually gives me TM 46: Thief in exchange for not repeating the beating. Heh, repeating the beating.
  6. Team Aqua actually seems really decent at the museum, they’re learning stuff and being respectful. Huh. That’s surprising. Actually wait, never mind. We’re fighting again.
  7. After defeating his grunts, Archie (the leader of Team Aqua, I suppose) is all like “You meddling kids!” and storms off.
  8. Literally “This Guy” Scott comes up to me and gives me his phone number, and registers as “Elusive Eyes” Scott. Ehh…… What?
  9. Scott works at the Battle Tent… I guess? I’ve never used the Battle Tent but I’ll give it a shot. I rent a Swalot, Machoke, and Tailow because that seems like a good bunch to me. After the first round goes by pretty well (except for Tailow dying on the first hit he takes) I swap a Tailow for Seviper. In the second round I only use Machoke and Seviper and decide not to fix what isn’t broken, and don’t swap out any of the rental Pokémon.
  10. For winning the Battle Swap Challenge, Coco receives a full heal, not a bad deal. And for patiently listening to a surfer dude dressed as a sailor, Coco earns the TM: Torment. Really, Coco would do anything for some measly reward in the end.

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