Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Thirteen

  1. Route 110: Karen up front – let’s see what we can catch. It’s a Dragonite. Well. Route 110 is a bust. Dragonite have like, 5 percent chance of getting caught, and I only have Pokéballs and Greatballs. I let Karen kill the Dragonite instead of wasting our resources trying to catch it. Bummer.
  2. Oh hey! Professor Birch is on Route 110. Weird. What’s up?
  3. Coco goes into the Trick Master’s house and cracks an interesting code…. “Don’t forget your Ovaltine. Also, Trick Master is fabulous.”
    Oh snap! Trick Master gave us a Rare Candy! Going to hold onto that for now though. No sense wasting them yet, not when they grow up so fast right now.
  4. Also found a PP Up on Route 103. Can’t catch anything here since this is technically the same route I caught Elie on. After fighting the trainers there for a while I chalk of Route 103 to a diversion and continue down Route 110.
  5. Surprise BRENDAN is waiting for me on Route 110. Karen is up front, pretty sure she can hold her own here. The fight with BRENDAN puts a lot of Coco’s Pokémon in bad places but she wins.
  6. I get to Mauville City and a man who lets me into his home and watch his television (where my “That’s It!” interview is airing) gives me the Hidden Machine 6: Rock Smash. Rock Smash sucks though, but I teach Rock Tomb to Ramsay since we need Ground/Rock attacks for this next electric-gym.
  7. I try to enter the Mauville Gym but that kid Wally (who we haven’t seen since… Log Four? Jesus) is blocking the way because his Uncle doesn’t believe he’s good enough to take on the gym. So he battles Coco to prove his strength. Bad move hombre. Coco’s trained her Pokémon so much that they’re on the verge of being too good for her.
  8. Good god. Champagne the Spheal Body-Slammed Wally’s Ralts to death, in one hit! Wally and his Uncle leave to go back to Verdanturf Town and creepy “Elusive Eyes” Scott’s waiting for us. The creep congratulates us on not holding back during our fights, he gets off on this stuff, clearly.
  9. Wattson’s gym is full of those pricks who are in electric-type gyms but not using electric-type Pokémon. Don’t really have a good sense about how this battle might go… but I’m putting Ramsay up front because he has Rock Tomb and Brick Break (for Magneton.)
  10. Ramsay won it all! It took 2xSuper Potions and 1xParalyze Heal, but Ramsay did it! “Swell Shock” Wattson is registered in Coco’s Pokénav, and Coco gets the TM: Shockwave. With nearly her entire party nearing level 30 though, it’s very important that we get that badge from the fire gym that allows Pokémon up to level 50 to obey. “That’s it!”

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