Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Fifteen

(Log Fifteen)
  1. Holly the Marshtomp joins the team, she’s level 9 so I’m going to train the living daylights out of her before moving forward into the game.
  2. I decide to give Holly the Macho Badge from the Winstate Family, and together her and Coco take on the mighty Chanseys of Route 110.
  3. The fights are excruciatingly long, lasting over 50 turns, but Chansey can’t deal damage so Holly’s safe at least. Holly reaches level 16 and learns Mud-Shot and forgets Bide, which she learned while forgetting Growl.
  4. Coco realizes she has over $40K so she spends $20K on Zinc, raising Kingsford’s Special Defense. Holly reaches level 27 incredibly fast. I swap out her Macho Badge for Soft Sand to raise the power of her ground-attacks.
  5. Mae reaches level 25 and learns Leech Life, forgetting Constrict. Mae becomes level 27 and I realize my entire party is at the same level, nearly.
  6. At level 26, I put Karen in front of the party as we head into new territories. Route 112: first encounter; Corsola. Karen uses False Swipe until the wild Corsola only has 1HP left. Corsola breaks out of the first Great Ball immediately, but fails to resist capture on the second.
  7. The Corsola I captured was male. Corsola’s one of those Pokémon you really don’t think of as male, or at least I don’t. Well, Ricky the Corsola’s joined the team. He’s in Box 1 though so, I’ll you in on he details as soon as I learn them.
  8. Oh boy! Mount Chimney and the Team Magma dudes. What’s up? Oh, just discussing your evil plans? Okay. I’m going to check out this Fiery Path thing over here. Bye.
  9. I take a step into Fiery Path before realizing I might run into a Pokémon without having many Pokéballs on hand; 3 Pokéballs and 1 Great Ball, actually. I run all the way back to Mauville City to stock up.
  10. While I’m here, let’s find out about Ricky. He’s level 16, has a serious nature with the natural cure ability. He knows Tackle, Harden, and Bubble. I’m sure he’ll find his way in the team eventually. Next time on the Nuzlocke Challenge, Coco vs. the Volcano?

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