Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Fourteen

(Log Fourteen)
  1. Coco gets a MACH Bike from Rydel. More exciting than that though, is the prospect of having Route 111, 117, and 118 to catch Pokémon on.
  2. Route 118 leads to the ocean, dead end. I can fish though.
  3. !!! I fished a Marshtomp from the route118 waters! Karen’s false swipe brings it down to 1HP, but it still takes four Great Balls to catch. I’m worried this might be a huge waste of money.
  4. Worries were unfounded, during the battle Holly the Marshtomp only used Growl, and I was starting to think that it only knew Growl. That’s not the case though. Holly is level 9 with a brave nature and the torrent ability.
  5. I decide to do the torturous thing of, going back to Route 118 to see what else I potentially could have run into and maybe caught. After fishing ten more times, the only Pokémon I run into is Exeggcute. Really happy I ran into the Marshtomp and not the Exeggute; I like that evolution family and all, but it’s not what our team is missing.
  6. Coco accepts the Winstrate House Challenge. I decide Champagne the Spheal is going to be okay for these fights. That works out fine against Tailows and Zigzagoons, but a nasty Absorb from Mother Winstrate’s Roselia finishes off Champagne with a critical hit I did not see coming.
  7. Fourteen Logs in, Coco faces her first lost. Rest In Peace, Champagne the Spheal.
  8. No time for mourning yet, as the battles with the Winstrate family continues. Karen reaches level 26 and learns Wing Attack, forgetting Focus Energy. After the family is defeated, Coco earns a Macho Badge for her troubles.
  9. Now the deed must be done, Champagne must be released. Gone at level 24, somehow I knew she was never going to make it in my party. The cute Spheal; this super innocent looking Pokémon, was never going to survive a Nuzlocke. I feel like a horrible trainer too, now. I was playing Champagne’s Ice advantage against her Water weakness to Grass, and it got her killed.
  10. Bye-bye, Champagne!

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