Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Sixteen

(Log Sixteen)
  1. Entered Fire Path, First Encounter: Slowpoke. Karen used False Swipe and the Slowpoke was caught with a Pokéball. Our guest for this Log, Tom, names him Garth the Slowpoke.
  2.  Fought some trainers on Route 111. Nobody is prepared for over-leveled Pokémon.
  3. Coco and her team rest at “Old Lady’s Rest Stop”, no really, that’s what’s it called.
  4. New Route! Route 113. First Pokémon encountered is a Poliwag. If I catch him I’ll have completed the Misfit-Water-Pokémon trio. Poliwag, Psyduck, and Slowpoke. After Karen used False Swipe, Benny the Poliwag was caught.
  5. There’s a “Glass” Workshop in Fallarbor’s Ash Fields. The TM Double Team is also found.
  6. Coco meets Lanette, the woman who developed the PC. I feel like I got lost, as I meant to be in Lavaridge fighting Flannery, not in Fallarbor. Maybe I’m supposed to go this way first? I don’t know…
  7. A visit to the Fossil Maniac’s house procures TM28: Dig. Holly learns Dig, forgetting Mud-Slap. I now remember that Team Magma is in Fallarbor somewhere, and I need to stop them, I guess.
  8. Coco finds some gold in a crater in Fallarbor and turns it over for easy money. We head down Route 114, first encounter: Flaaffy! Aww J Okay, this I can work with. You know the drill, Karen used False Swipe – got the Flaaffy to 1HP, but it still broke through a Pokéball and a Great Ball. On the second Great Ball, Flaaffy complied with capture.
  9. Tess the Flaaffy joined the team! Jesus, three Pokémon in one Log. That must be a record. For the record: Garth is a level 15 Slowpoke of docile nature and oblivious ability, Banny is a level 16 Poliwag of quirky nature and damp ability, and finally Tess is a level 15 Flaaffy of naïve nature and static ability.
  10. I find a Protein on Route 114. Holly’s attack is already kind of high, but I figure it won’t hurt to be over-prepared for Flannery, so I raise it with the Protein.  Next Nuzlog: Coco and the Meteor Cave!

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