What’s Up? (6/6/2013)

If I could make love to music, I’d be in bed with deadmau5’s remix of Foo Fighter’s “Rope.” It’s got these intense, full-bass guitar fuzz beats and I could just listen to them forever.  Aside from what I’m listening to, there are a few other things to talk about today.

So I’m in Milano’s Pizzeria, as is the routine on Thursdays. Two things made me particularly happy to be in Milano’s today though.

#1: There was this really old couple there, and this little old lady asked what today’s specials were. Maybe I underestimate Pizzerias, but I just thought that somebody asking about today’s specials at a Pizzeria was really funny. Like, it’s a pizza place, there specials are going to be… pizza. I felt bad for the dude behind the counter though because he had to explain that that they had combo prices, but not specials. I think he eventually just sold them on the idea that two slices and a drink was the day’s special, though seasoned Milano’s pros like myself know that’s available everyday. But way to go counter-guy, and way to go old people.

#2: Two white hipster-looking men in their thirties walked into Milano’s with an Asian kid who was about six or seven, and ordered like four slices and three drinks to go. I’m going to pretend like they were a happily married gay couple, and that was their adopted son – because that makes my day way brighter than any alternative theories. Also the three of them were stoked for pizza, as they should be.

That’s it for now I think.


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