Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Seventeen

(Log Seventeen)
  1. Karen reached level 30. I’m pretty nervous that when I try to weaken something in Meteor Cave, that she’ll disobey and kill it. Well, here goes nothing. Into Meteor Cave!
  2. Aw, the music in Meteor Cave is so pretty. Oh snap! The first encounter of Meteor Cave is a Porygon2. Karen listened, and used False Swipe. At 1HP the Porygon 2 did not resist my second-to-last Great Ball.
  3. .EXE joined the team! I’m excited about Porygon2, if it’s anything like I remember , .EXE can learn basically all TM’s.
  4. Cozmo the scientist was tricked by Team Magma into giving them his Meteorite. Gosh people in the world seem gullible. Coco finds a moon stone and wishes she was in a Gen I game where these things did anything usefull.
  5. In Rustboro City now, I don’t think I can cut to Verdanturf back to Mauville. I have to get back to Mt.Chimney. I feel lost! Oh wait! I have Rock Smash now! Elie can tunnel through to Verdanturf.
  6. While in Verdanturf I stock up on Burn Healx2 and Great Ballsx2. By clearing Verdanturf’s tunnels I reunited a lovely couple, woo! My first encounter on Route 117 is a… Sneasel? Don’t know how I feel about that, but whatever. Let’s catch!
  7. Karen -> False Swipe -> Great Ball -> Catch. Quarth the Sneasel is now in PC Box 1. Huh. I can’t remember why I never went down Route 117 before. Odd.
  8. Alright, Kingsford – you take lead – and let’s fight some Team-Magma. Cable Car, up, up, and away! Kingsford makes it through a few fights before I wuss out on him and put Holly in instead. Having the most type advantages again Team Magna, Holly is the careful choice. Taking down Maxie takes the combined efforts of Kingsford, Holly, and Elie.
  9. At the top of Mount Chimney, take the Jagged pass to Lavaridge. I think so at least. I’m right! Alright. Let’s do some housekeeping. .EXE is a level 18 Porygon2, of serious nature and trace ability. Quarth is a level13 Sneasel, of lax nature and keen eye ability.
  10. Let’s not waste time though; two of my Pokémon are at level 30 on the brink of disobedience, so let’s fight Flannery. She’s got this cool, “I’m a young gym leader so I haven’t figured out my character-yet” thing going on. I like that. Now it’s time for Holly to whip her team though. With five Digs, Holly takes down Flannery’s team, levels up to 31, and learns Take Down – finally forgetting Tackle. With the Heat Badge, Coco’s Pokémon will now obey her until level 50 and can use Strength outside of battle. “Passion Burn” Flannery adds her number to my Pokénav. Right as I think we’ve had enough fun for the day, BRENDAN shows up to give Coco some Go-Goggles so she can explore in the desert. Wow, that’s really nice of you BRENDAN, thanks. “I’m going to go fight gym leader Norman. Unlike you, Coco, he looks like he’s going to be tough.” … Dude what?

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