Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Eighteen

(Log Eighteen)
  1. The next gym is in Petalburg, I guess I’ll go there. I don’t recall if there are any story beats between gyms four and five, but I guess I’m about to find out.
  2. I teach Strength to Elie, who now knows two HM’s. She forgets Stomp. We use Strength to find a Fire Stone in the Fiery Path. That’s a nice find.
  3. In a battle with a wild Ursaring, Kingsford hits him with a Fire Punch. Ursaring used Lick and dealt some damage. Kingsford’s Flame Body ability burns the Ursaring on contact – dealing enough damage to kill him. Kingsford gained 405 experience, and reached level 30. There, in the ashes of Fallarbor, Kingsford evolved from a Magby into a Magmar.
  4. The Desert: Let’s catch some Pokémon. Though technically Route 111 it is a unique area with its own Pokémon, so I’m counting it as fair game. Besides, first desert encounter? A Delibird. I found the penguin-in-a-santa-suit Pokémon right in the middle of the freaking desert.
  5. Karen and her False-Swipes won’t do any good in the desert, as the sandstorm would kill anything with 1HP. Still, Karen weakens the Delibird enough to catch with 2 Great Balls. Paul the Delibird is sent to PC 1.
  6. Kingsford’s Fire Punch runs out too quickly, so I decide to use PP UP on it twice. He can now use Fire Punch 21-times instead of 15. Kingsford learns Sunny day, forgetting Leer.
  7. Enter the Mirage Tower! Another unique location means somewhere else to catch Pokémon. Upon entering though, I find only Sandshrews and Trapinches, the default Pokémon for Mirage Tower. I don’t think it’s in good spirit to catch default Pokémon in an Emerald-Randomized Nuzlocke Challenge. I fight and beat the first Sandshrew I find anyways, so I cannot catch anything in that location anyway.
  8. I realize I need a Mach Bike to get the Fossils inside the Mirage Tower. Bummer, because I traded the Mach for the easier-to-handle Acro Bike. Mauville’s not far away, so Coco goes back to swap bikes, and then takes the Root Fossil from the Mirage Tower.
  9. Through Verdanturf to Rustboro, where the Root Fossil is handed over to the Devon Corporation. Also, I never picked up the EXP Share from Mr. Stone. God dammit. That would have saved a lot of time training. I give the EXP Share to Mae, the lowest leveled and least appreciated member of the team. I think if she just gained some levels, learned some moves, she might be cool.
  10. I think about it for a bit, and if Mae isn’t pulling her own already, then when will she start? I decide to put her in the PC and swap her for .EXE, who will get the EXP Share. I buy some musical blocks in Slateport’s Market. Enough to make a C-Chord. I buy 2 Proteins from the Energy Guru. One for Ramsay, to raise his Attack from 98 to 99 and another for Kingsford, to raise his Attack from 80 to 81. Mr. Briney sails us from Slateport to Petalburg, where Coco will face off against Daddy.

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