Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Nineteen

(Log Nineteen)
  1. After watching some people challenge Norman during their Nuzlocke Challenges, I decide we might not be ready for his Gym. Coco and the gang go to the Desert for training. Karen learns Slash, forgetting Quick Attack. EXE learns Defense Curl, forgetting Conversion.
  2. I use a Rare Candy on Kingsford to bring him from level 35 to 36.
  3. .EXE reaches level 31and it learns Shock  Wave via TM, forgetting Tackle. Kingsford learns Toxic via TM, and forgets Smokescreen.
  4. I finally get around to visiting Lanette on Route 114, her home is a mess, but she does give me a LOTAD doll.
  5. Alright, out of sheer boredom of training, I think I’m ready for Norman’s gym. Kingsford at level 37 is my go-to lead. Everybody else is at level 31-33.
  6. Kingsford uses Sunny Day, which makes his Fire-Punches especially powerful against Norman’s Pokémon. His Slaking is the thing everyone’s afraid of though. Kingsford’s first move is to poison Slaking with Toxic. What follows is a series of Fire-Punches, Full-Heals, and Potions. Norman uses a Hyper Potion on Slaking, once, I have to wake up Kingsford twice with Full Heal – and use Soda Pops to get him back to good health.
  7. What gets Slaking in the end though, is the poison.
  8. “I can’t believe it. Coco…I lost to Coco?” Coco received the Balance Badge from Dad! Also now we can use Surf! Oh my god, we can finally Surf!
  9. Wally’s Dad gives us HM03, and I promptly use it to teach Surf to Holly, who forgets Water Gun. I’ve never caught anything in Petalburg before, so I use Surf and find a Snubbull in the waters. Willa the Snubbull is naïve and has the intimidate ability.
  10. To be quite honest, we’re never going to use you, Willa. Coco visits her Mother in Littleroot (aww) and is rewarded for beating her father with an Amulet Coin, which doubles money earned in battle. The Amulet Coin is given to Kingsford to hold. Next time on the Nuzlog: Coco puts her post-high school electrician apprenticeship to good use, and fixes the New Mauville Power Generator.

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