Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Twenty

(Log Twenty)
  1. Reese the Psyduck reaches level 16, and learns Confusion; forgetting Water Sport. Wait, what? Reese? Yeah, you haven’t seen her since Log Eleven but I got the idea that I should use EXP Share-train some backup Pokémon just in case. Also, I love Psyduck. Anyways, Reese reaches level 20 and I think it’s about time I get back to the main initiative. Fixing a broken power generator.
  2. Wild Delcatty appeared in New Mauville! You know the drill, Karen used False Swipe and it only took three Great Balls for the Delcatty to be caught. I look up Delcatty’s stats online; I’m pretty shocked that it doesn’t learn ANYTHING from leveling up. It only learns moves by machine. Carmine the Delcatty is sent to the PC, she is gentle and has cute charm.
  3. Found our first Ultra Ball. Through fighting Delcatties and Cascoons in New Mauville, Elie and .EXE both reach level 34. And we find a Thunderstone! We push a switch and stop a generator. I guess that’s what we were supposed to do? We’ll find out soon enough I suppose. Ramsay reaches level 35. For fixing the generator, Coco is rewarded with the TM Thunderbolt by Wattson.
  4. I bring Tess the Flaaffy out of the PC, give her the .EXP Share and decide to get her to about level 20. I find out that Tess will evolve at level 30 and decide to take her all the way. Holly reaches level 35, Tess reaches level 26. Both on the verge of evolution.
  5. Tess learns Cotton Spore, forgetting Growl. After a battle with a wild level 31 Totodile, Holly evolves into a Swampert. Woo! Leveling up Tess takes a little more time, as I swap her EXP Share for the Macho Badge. The wild Totodiles prove a challenge despite Tess’ type advantage.
  6. Tess reaches level 30 and evolves into Ampharos, she also learns Thunderpunch; forgetting Thundershock.
  7. With the new electric heavyweight on the team, Coco decides it’s time to head to Fortree city where Winoa, the flying-type gym leader is waiting.
  8. We obtained the Good Rod, because we agree, Good Rods are Good. We meet Steven, who reminds us that we met in a smelly cave.
  9. AW SHIT. We ran a Magikarp on Route 119! Level 27 Magikarp knows tackle, which more than I gave it credit for. Karen + False Swipe + Great Ball = I caught a freaking Magikarp that’s going to be a Gyarados real soon. Ezra the Magikarp is placed in Box 1.
  10. Karen reached level 36, and learned Swords Dance, forgetting Pursuit. A man on the outskirts of the Mimic Circle caught a flock of Wingulls so he could fly around the world. Next time on the Nuzlog: Coco investigates the Weather Institute even though Team Aqua politely asked her not to.

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