What’s Up? (6/14/13)

I bought Pokémon Black 2 on Tuesday and it’s been a fantastic couple of days with that game. Pokémon SoulSilver was the latest game in the series I’ve played and I feel like Black 2 has some serious graphical and gameplay improvements. Camera angles will change while walking around the world, the time of day cycle is really nice and the sun flare touches are clever. Pokémon sprites have a nice dynamic animation during battle that can reflect their health and status, and the option to challenge higher-level Pokémon in rustling grass makes leveling up less of a chore. So far, so good, I’m really glad I got the game and it’s making me anxious for Pokémon Y.

Otherwise, I’m on the final stretch of summer courses. I’ve got four classes left before I go home in one week, but this is going to be a rough final stretch. I’ve got voice acting to do for an English Literature class, and I’ve never done that before. I have to do a  public service announcement voice for a fake PETA video, and I’m looking forward to it but I know I’m going to be a tough critic on my own performance. I’ve got this Blue Snowball microphone on my desk and it looks gorgeous, haven’t used it yet but I have to give it to my partner sometime this weekend so she can record her lines of dialogue.

The recordings have to be done by Monday. I have to give a seven-minute speech about the National Security Agency on Tuesday. 
The recordings have to be appropriately applied to a video on Wednesday and I have to write a three page reflection about the course by Thursday. And finally I have to take a final exam in public speech on Thursday.

And on Friday I go home.


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