Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Twenty-One

(Log Twenty-One)
  1. While in the Weather Institute, Coco takes a nap and then checks the stats on the new team member, Ezra the Magikarp. Ezra is of a gentile nature and has the swift swim ability, which raises his speed during the rain. After this business with Team Aqua is done, the first objective is to evolve Ezra into a Gyarados.
  2. The grunts all go down easily, thanks to Tess’ Thunderpunch. We’ll see if Team Aqua Admin Shelly provides a challenge.
  3. Shelly goes down just as easily as her grunts, and as a reward for meddling in Team Aqua’s affairs, Coco receives a Castform. She names the Castform Myra, and proceeds to box it in the PC. Myra’s of a relaxed nature, and has the forecast ability. I’ll never use her, I guarantee it.
  4. BRENDAN ambushes me on the way to Fortree City. Freaking BRENDAN. Holly the Swampert and BRENDAN’s Marshtomp have a pretty sweet battle, Holly wins. Tess Thunderpunches his Lombre into oblivion, and Holly finishes off the fight by Surfing into a Slugma.
  5. “You’ve gotten decent.” Says BRENDAN. I hate this kid so much, honestly. And of course he gives me the HM Fly. Now I can’t hate him too much I guess. Creepy elusive eyes Scott makes his regular appearance. Can’t get enough of his creepiness.
  6. Fortree City is one of my favorite; if not my all-time favorite, cities in Pokémon games. A city in the trees, how pleasant!  Coco drops $11,000 on decorations for the secret base.
  7. Coco finds a Rare Candy on Route 120. Saves it for later. Something unseen blocks the way to Fortree City’s Gym, so we’re just going to move right along to Route 120.
  8. I find a Krabby in the grasses of Route 120! Water types are the last thing I need, but whatever, I like Krabbies. The true and trusted method of using Karen’s False Swipe works AGAIN and Jill the Krabby is sent to the PC after submitting to a Great Ball.
  9. On Route 120 Elie runs into a Regice, who uses Explosion. I was sure she was going to die, but she only lost half of her HP. I’m TERRIFIED of losing my Pokémon to Self-Destructing enemy Pokémon.
  10. Coco finds Steven, who gives her the Devon Scope. The Devon Scope reveals these weird Chameleon Pokémon who are hiding all over Fortree. I quite frankly, was never interested by this mechanic. It’s nice world building, but I’m fairly frustrated when I can’t fight the Gym Leader as soon as I roll into town. Speaking of Gyms, I take Tess to the Fortree gym to fight flying-type gym trainers. Before facing Winoa, I take away Tess’ Macho Badge and give her the Quick Claw instead, so that she can get the first strike occasionally if not always. Winoa’s Pokémon don’t lay a FINGER on my Pokémon. Tess either paralyzes them into inaction, or kills them flat-out with Thunderpunch. Kingsford sees some action when I bring him in to Firepunch Winoa’s Tropius. By the end of the battle, Tess levels up to level 36, and Kingsford levels up to level 40. Coco receives the Feather Badge from Winoa!

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