Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Twenty-Two

(Log Twenty-Two)
  1. With the Feather Badge, all Pokémon up to Level 70 will obey. Whoa. I’m thinking I should have some intense training sessions with all my Pokémon. If they’ll obey me up until Level 70, then I’m not taking advantage of that by having a bunch of Level 30 and 40 Pokémon.
  2. Now I can use Fly out of battle, so I better go teach a Pokémon Fly. Winoa gives me the TM Aerial Ace. I think it’s supposed to be her signature move, but she didn’t get to use it during the battle. She didn’t get to use any moves, actually.
  3. The only Pokémon I have that can learn Fly; to my knowledge at least, is Paul the Delibird. I suppose I can just withdraw him from the PC whenever I need him. That sounds incredibly tedious. Better than walking though!
  4. I teach Paul Fly, and I decide we should find a cool new Secret Base, since he also knows Secret Power. We fly to Route 104 to pick up plants from the Pretty Petal Flower Shop. We fly to Rustboro City and hey! I forgot that Fossil Pokémon Lileep was ready to pick up! Venus the Lileep was added to Box 1.
  5. Coco flies back to Fortree, and makes camp in a large tree-bush thing just outside of the City. After training with Ramsay, Ezra gains a level through the EXP Share and evolves into Gyarados! Really don’t see a need for a Water/Flying type Pokémon right now though, so as cool as a Gyarados on the team might be, I’m going to Box Ezra for now.
  6. Kingsford reached level 41 and learned Flamethrower; forgetting Ember. A woman on Route 120 gives me the Wiki Berry, and expresses concerns that it’s not a reliable source of nutrition. Thanks to Kingsford’s Amulet Coin, he’s making $1000-3000 off of each fight he’s winning on Route 120.
  7. Coco Finds a Zinc on Route 121. Zinc raises special defense, and you know what? Kingsford could use some of that. I think I raised it too much or something, because “It won’t have any affect.” I give it to Karen instead, who’s special defense raises from 71 to 72.
  8. Oh goodness! The first Pokémon encountered on Route 121 is a Tyrogue!!! Karen used False Swipe, and would you know it? Tryrogue doesn’t put up a fight at 1HP. Maxwell the Tyrogue was sent to the PC.
  9. Sr. and Jr. Kate & Joy challenge Karen and Ramsay to a fight! Kate has a Slaking on par with Coco’s father Norman (gulp) and Joy has a Spinda. Karen uses Swords Dance to raise her attack, and Ramsay uses Brick Break to knock out Kate’s Slaking. Joy’s Spinda Hypnotizes Ramsay to sleep, but is knocked out by Karen’s Wing Attack. Karen reaches level 40.
  10. Coco finds a Carbos, which raises one Pokémon’s speed. I give it to Karen. It says her speed was raised, but it was 103 before and after Carbos use. Coco finds her Pokémon are all pretty much in bad shape at this point on Route 121. Ramsay’s asleep, Karen’s paralyzed, and a wild encounter with a Rayquaza (not joking) left Elie with 16 hp. Coco uses Elixir and Soda Pop to bring Kingsford back up to speed until we reach the Lilycove Pokémon center. Kingsford reaches level 44, and we make it to Lilycove City with no losses. At the Pokécenter I check on Maxwell the Tyrogue. He’s destined to be a Hitmonchan, as his Defense is 29 and his Attack is 22. Next time on the Nuzlog: Coco deals with the Team Aqua presence in Lilycove.

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