Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Twenty-Three

(Log Twenty-Three)

  1. Did I say Coco was going to deal with the Team Aqua threat soon? I meant she was going to enter Kingsford the Magmar into a beauty contest. Who are the opponents? A Crobat, a Spheal, a Slaking, and… Kingsford came in second place. I’ve never played these contests before, it wasn’t so bad. Kind of fun.
  2. I find BRENDAN who asks if I want to battle. Sure thing bro. “Aww, but you know I’m not going to lose to no Coco.” You sure about that bro? I win, of course.
  3. I stock up on supplies at the giant Lilcove Department Store. I buy an HP UP for Karen, to raise it from 122 to 123. We also drop cash on secret base decorations.
  4. I go fishing in Lilycove and catch a Gulpin, after Karen’s False Swipes he goes down easy in a Great Ball. Karen is poisoned, though. David the Gulpin was sent to the PC.
  5. I use an antidote on Karen, because I thought we were going to battle Team Aqua ASAP in their hideout but no, we’re going to Mt. Pyre on Route 122 first. David is level 29, calm of nature, and has the liquid ooze ability – in case you were wondering. He’s going to level up very soon so… I’m tempted to do that.
  6. …and I have! I deposited Ramsay into the PC for a bit, let David hold the EXP Share and had Kingsford do some training on Route 121. David leveled up fairly quickly and evolved. Rinse and repeat, let’s level up Maxwell the Tyrogue, eh? Route 121 has wild Rayquazas which makes leveling up quite fast, they drop like 800+ XP.
  7. Maxwell reached level 27 and evolved into Hitmonchan (yay!) and Kingsford reached level 45. Jill the Krabby is the next that would be able to evolve, being that she’s at level 25 and needs to gain like… three levels? Something like that. Benny the Poliwag’s going to level up soon if I train him.
  8. Jesus. Jill has a special ability that blocks critical hits, awesome! Jill reaches level 27 with Kingsford’s help, and learns Stomp; forgetting Leer. When Jill reaches level 28 she evolves into Kingler. I’m feeling really satisfied by stocking my PC Box with all of these evolved Pokémon! However, let’s go to Route 122 / Mt. Pyre
  9. Oh nice! We run into an Absol on Route 122. It’s level 10 though, as in so far behind everybody else that I might never train it. I caught it with the Nest Ball that the Devon Corp gave me a long time ago… I think. Dark Sol the Absol was sent to the PC.
  10. Two Pokémon in one log! Coco ran into an Octillery in Mt.Pyre! The Octillery needed two Great Balls before it was caught, at level 24 it was harder to catch than a level 10 Absol. Calamari the Octillery was sent to the PC. A man mourns his fallen Zigzagoon at Mt.Pyre. Aw. This place is a bummer, the Lavender Town of Hoenn. Next time on the Nuzlog: Coco mourns Champagne the Spheal.

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