Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Twenty-Four

(Log Twenty-Four)

  1. Calamari the Octillery is pretty boss. She already knows Bubblebeam, Aurorabeam, and Psybeam. Dammmmn.
  2. Back to Mt. Pyre: Very anti-climactic solution to Team Aqua’s presence as I show up and they just kind of leave. Again. Anyways, I’ve never surfed around much so, I’m going to take Paul – fly us to Dewford – and catch Pokémon on the uncharted Routes 105-109.
  3. I find a Protein on Route 106. Protein raises attack, so I give it to Elie, who’s the only Pokémon I have who’s Attack EV isn’t Maxed Out I guess.
  4. Jesus! I ran into a Raichu on Route 106!! I put Karen in to use False Swipes to bring its health down to 1 HP. Risky move, as Raichu’s Thunderbolt brings Karen down to 21/131 HP in three turns. When Karen’s done her duty, I put Tess back in and throw an Ultra Ball. The capture of Raichu is a success. Nikolai the Raichu was added to Box 1.
  5. Nikolai’s level 30, naughty of nature, and has the static ability.  I’m really tempted to swap Nikolai for Tess, because I love Raichu – but I’ll keep Tess in the party for now.
  6. On Route 105 Coco runs into a level 35 Weepinbell, which is caught with an Ultra Ball after being brought down to 1 HP. Seems wasteful, but Ultra Balls are all we brought with us to Dewford. Izabell the Weepinbell was sent to Box 1.
  7. Guys? I think I’m going to part with Ramsay for a while. A Weepinbell seems, I don’t know, better to have on the team than a Heracross. Paul flies us back to Lilycove to get more Ultra Balls, then we’re flying back to Dewford to catch two more Pokémon. Hopefully.
  8. With some intense and brutal training against Scythers in Dewford, Izabell reaches level 42 and learns Razor Leaf, forgetting Sweet Scent.
  9. On Route 107 we run into a level 9 Wobbuffet. Sigh. Is this even worth wasting the Ultra Ball on? I know I’m not going to use him. I know I’m not. Sigh. I have a kind heart though. Jimmy the Wobbuffet can at least make friends with the other rejects in the PC Box.
  10. We come across a wild level 20 Swellow on Route 108. All things considered, this isn’t that bad a find. Dammit. DAMMIT. I told Karen to use Slash instead of False Swipe and that Swellow died hard. Route 108 is a bust! No Pokémon! Ugh. A trip through the Abandoned Ship proves useful though, as the TM Ice Beam is found. Holly learns Ice Beam, forgetting Mud Shot.  Coco also finds a Heart Scale and Star Piece. She finds a PP Up but the bag was full so she had to use an item first, and found an Iron she’d forgotten to use. Karen’s base defense stat was then raised. PP Up was used to raise Kingsford’s Flamethrower PP from 15 to 18. Our final catch of the day is a Teddiursa, found on Route 109 and caught with a Dive Ball. Mikhail the Teddiursa was sent to the PC, and Coco is finished with a very, very long day.



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