What’s Up? (7/8/2013)

I’m incredibly bummed right now. Yesterday I was going through this really distressing feeling of not knowing how much time I had spent, or how much time I had left in the summer. For whatever reason I had felt like I had already wasted all of my summer, even though I have most of it ahead of me waiting to happen. I was frozen with this feeling like I had wasted so much time, and that I was not seeing my friends enough and, I was losing my mind over nothing – essentially.

So 7/7/2013 wasn’t spectacular internally, though I had fun with friends. Then today started off pretty freaking okay. I woke up, played Animal Crossing, chilled with my best buddy Cyrano the Anteater, and then proceeded to warm up some steak tidbits from Paddy’s Loft. Breakfast was great, lunch was great, I was listening to the Dissecting Dexter Podcast and was in a relatively good mood and…

I found out Ryan Davis of GiantBomb.com had died.



I spend easily over ten hours a week listening to and watching Ryan Davis through podcasts and videos on GiantBomb. This guy who I’ve come to know and care about over hundreds of hours of media, is now just fucking gone.

I feel like going to bed. I feel sick.

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