Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Twenty-Five

(Log Twenty-Five)
  1. Coco has $126,941. Dang, yo! Alright, we’re going to Mt. Pyre to find Elie the TM Shadow Ball, which we’ll need for the upcoming Psychic Gym. Elie reached level 43 and learned Psybeam, forgetting Confusion.
  2. In Mauville I trade Harbor Mail for a Coin Case, Coco’s going to the Casino! $500 is wasted before I decide that the Casino is a waste of time.
  3. A girl on route 123 gives us the TM Giga Drain for being a fan of Grass Type Pokémon. See Izabell? This is pretty awesome right? Izabell learned Giga Drain, forgetting Stun Spore.
  4. Pinch me, I’m dreaming. The first encounter on Route 123 is a Charizard. I send Karen in, knowing full well she’s a little in danger fighting a fire type. I do have to use a Super Potion on her once, but, after four Ultra Balls (a total of $4,800 in cash) the Charizard is captured. Foreman the Charizard was sent to Box 1.
  5. I just realized I named a Wobbuffet, Jimmy. Like Jimmy Buffet. Holy shit. Jimmy is sassy, and has an ability that prevents Pokémon from running away. Mikhail the Teddiursa is careful, and has an ability that lets him pick up random items after battle (like rare candies, for instance). And the last bit of housekeeping, Foreman the Charizard is careful, and has an ability that ups fire-type moves in a pinch.
  6. Also, Holly reached level 40 (yay) and now my team is entirely in the 40’s range! While in Mt. Pyre we find an extra Ultra Ball. Tess reaches level 42 and learns Light Screen, forgetting Cotton Spore.
  7. Kingsford reaches level 49 and learns Confuse Ray, forgetting Toxic. I immediately regret the decision to forget Toxic. Elie learns the TM Shadow Ball (after retrieving it from Mt. Pyre) and forgets Astonish. Tess learns the TM Thunderbolt, forgetting Thunder Wave.
  8. I guess the next step is to go to Lavaridge and find Team Magma. I have totally gotten off track with the game proper. On the way to Lavaridge I stop at the Safari Zone, where I catch a level 27 Lanturn. Anna the Lanturn is rash, and has an ability that turns electricity into HP.
  9. On the way to Lavaridge Coco stops at her Secret Base outside of Fortree and decorates it with all of that swag Pikachu stuff she bought. A Zinc found on Route 119 is used to raise Izabell’s Special Defense and an Iron found on Route 118 is used to raise Karen’s Defense.
  10. On the Jagged Pass a level 20 Primeape was caught. Cliff the Primeape was sent to Box 1. In the Magma Hideout, the Pokémon are default types, like Torkoal and Geodude, bummer. I don’t catch anything in Magma Hideout as such. I find another Rare Candy, bringing the total candy count to 3. Team Magma’s Maxie is defeated without any casualties on my part, and so I guess we’re off to Mossdeep right? Get to the next gym and everything?

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