Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Twenty-Six

(Log Twenty-Six)

  1. Team Aqua stole a submarine in Slateport! Okay… well, that’s cool an all. Meanwhile I’m listening to podcasts and sending Mikhail the Teddiursa into the grass to fight Chansey’s and pickup items. Benny the Poliwag is leveling up too, because he’s holding the EXP. Share.
  2. At level 25 Benny evolves into Poliwhirl! He learns Rainy Dance, forgetting Double Slap. Mikhail found two Rare Candy, two Proteins,  a bunch of X-Whatevers I don’t care about, and some Great Balls.
  3. Karen reaches level 46 and learns Fury Cutter, forgetting Slash.  In fact, everyone is now level 46 or higher on the “main team.”
  4. Elie, Karen, Holly, Izabell, and Tess are all level 46, and Kingsford is level 50. I decided to find the Leaf Stone in Hoenn to evolve Izabell. Coco walks back from route 119 (the location of the Leaf Stone) to her Secret Base, where Izabell is ceremoniously evolved with the Leaf Stone. Izabell is now a Victreebel!
  5. I literally can’t use Protein on any of my Pokémon, so I’m just going to sell it to the Fortree City Pokémart. MEANWHILE: Back in Lilycove there’s totally some Team Aqua mischief.
  6. In the Team Aqua Hideout Coco finds the freaking Master Ball. Yeah! Aqua Admin Matt says he’s a cut above the average Grunt, we’ll see about that. He’s not, but Archie or, whatever the Aqua Boss’ name is, escapes. No idea where he went because they weren’t saying it in all caps this time.
  7. We’re heading to Routes 124 and 125 to Mossdeep City then, that’s the backup plan. I find a Diglett in the waters of Route 124. Yup. Fenton the Diglett was added to the PC. Elie is tutored Dynamic Punch, finally forgetting Tackle. At Mossdeep I get the King’s Rock from a stranger, which adds the chance of making the opponent flinch, so I give it to Elie who’s going against the Psychic Gym soon.
  8. On Route 125 I catch an Aipom, that’s not a bad find at all really. Stretch the Aipom was sent to the PC. While fishing in Mossdeep City I catch a Mitghyena. Bruce the Mightyena is the last Pokémon to be sent to Box 1 of the PC. Fenton is modest and has arena trap, Stretch is timid and can escape easily, Bruce is careful and intimidating.
  9. I think Elie’s ready for the Mossdeep Gym. The battles with the gym trainers go very smoothly, I’m going to take on the gym leaders. Elie’s going to take the lead, and Holly’s got shotgun, since three of the gym leaders’ Pokémon are weak to water-type attacks.
  10. Elie and Holly make a god damn excellent pair! Xatu and Claydol were down after the first round of attacks, and Solrock and Lunatone were down after the third round of attacks – never dropping Elie or Holly’s health into the yellow-zone. The Mystic Duo Tate and Liza give Coco the Mind Badge and register her in the Pokénav. Next time on the Nuzlog: Coco catches more freaking Pokémon.

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