Plant Man

I’ve kept a snake plant alive since 7th grade, that’s seven or eight years. It doesn’t take much work though, doesn’t need much water or sunlight. Yesterday I decided to move the plant from the pot its known for all of this time; a small round pot, to a larger rectangular one. The move left the plant a little lopsided and I’m going to try my best to keep the plant growing straight up, but I think that the new conditions will be better for the plant in the long run. 

Soon I’m going to begin work on a graphic guide to the taxonomy of plants; a simple way to get to know the plant kingdom in a clean and minimal way, an artist’s guide to science. The information that’s out there is too cluttered and there should be an easier way to learn about the different orders and relations between plants. For well over a year I’ve been familiarizing myself with some basic plant taxonomy knowledge, but hopefully putting this idea out there and saying I’m going to do it will actually force myself into doing something. 


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