What’s Up? (8/1/13)

Today I went swimming in the rain. The pool was pretty cold, the rain down to a drizzle at times, and after a few laps the water in the pool was getting wavy. It felt really good to do something as artificially intense as swimming in the rain – yeah I was just in a pool in my backyard, but it felt like I was swimming through some light storm or something – and that’s what matters.

After a day of little chores and accidental Animal Crossing resets, it felt good to just do something like that.

I feel like reinventing myself again. Moving into an apartment on August 23rd is giving me this whole, “I have a chance to change how I’m perceived through the things I pack and bring to an apartment” vibe. I picked an orange comforter and sheets for my bed, and a set of birch veneer Ikea furniture, a different step than the greens and darker woods of bedrooms and dorms past. I want to appear minimalist and tidy, I want to hang cool stuff on my walls. I have a hundred things on Society 6 that I wish I could have framed on a wall, and I’ll likely have five or six of them.

When faced with all these quite meaningless decisions about my apartment, or menial everyday things and other materialistic undoings, it’s good to just jump into a pool of freezing cold water in the rain and swim until you’re out of breath.


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