Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Twenty-Seven

  1. On Route 127 Coco runs into a Sentret! Cute little thing! Nina the Senret was caught with ease, and sent to Box 2. I find a Rare Candy on Route 127, which brings the Candy Count to 6. I’m saving them for a special occasion.
  2. In Ever Grande City Coco runs into a Togepi! Again, another easily caught Pokémon. Daemon the Togepi gets sent to Box 2. If anyone’s wondering, I ran into a Mightyena on Route 128 and I didn’t feel like having two Mightyenas, so I just killed it, ie, Route 128 is kaput.
  3. Also totally lost here, Ever Grande is not where I was supposed to go. I need the HM Dive to get to Sootopolis right? Where the hell is Dive? I find Route 129 and encounter a Crawdaunt. Sam the Crawdaunt was sent to Box 2. On Route 130 I encounter a Nosepass, which also falls victim to Karen’s False Swipes. Jason the Nosepass is sent to Box 2. On Route 131 I encounter a Corphish which might have been much cooler if I hadn’t just captured his evolved stage. Still, it’s not like Coco’s hurting for cash so – let’s catch it. Bret the Corphish was sent to Box 2.
  4. Karen makes it too easy to catch Pokémon, there’s no doubt in my mind that I can catch almost anything that isn’t legendary or pseudo-legendary. I don’t mind, but it makes recording every Pokémon I catch somewhat, tedious.
  5. Daemon’s timid and can hustle, Sam’s bashful and has shell armor, Jason’s sassy and has magnet pull, and finally Bret’s calm and has hyper cutter. Housekeeping, done.
  6. Also, Pacifidlog is one of those locations in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald that just makes the game so nice and memorable. A city on the water, how quaint! It also has hands down, the funniest moment in any Pokémon game. “Where did you come from from? Yes or No?”
  7. There’s a man who wants to trade a Horsea for a Bagon, which honestly, that sounds like a horrible trade.
  8. Looked up a FAQ, I have to go to the Space Station in Mossdeep to move forward in the game. Okay, I’ll play along. I’m going to go catch something in the Sky Pillar some other time I guess.
  9. Me and Steven take on Magma Admin Tabitha and Magma Leader Maxie in a pretty cool tag team battle. Neither of us loses Pokémon, and Maxie laments on his dreams to expand the landmasses. Maxie, in a moment of clarity, realizes how bad his plans are and by extension- how equally bad if not worse Team Aqua’s plan are.
  10. Holly can’t be the HM Slave for every water-type HM, so I’m going to pull Bret the Corphish out of the PC, and use him to get into Sootopolis. Before that, a piece of unfinished business. I went fishing in Pacifidlog and caught a level 32 Bellossom. It took two Ultra Balls, a challenge for once! Marrianne the Bellossom was sent to Box 2. Marianne is hardy, with a chlorophyll ability. Despite being a water-type, Bret can’t learn Dive, his evolved sister Sam however CAN Dive. Next time on the Nuzlog, Coco gets on the back of a giant hermit crab thing and dives underwater.



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