Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Twenty-Eight

  1. Hey, we’re underwater! But not for long, because we found the Submarine that Team Aqua stole back in Log Twenty-Six. On the Seafloor Cavern Coco catches a level 30 Venonat. Hugo the Venonat was sent to Box 2. Sam the Crawdaunt becomes the HM Slave, and learns Strength and Rock Smash – as Elie was Boxed to make room for his Dive.
  2. Navigating the Seafloor Cavern proofs difficult, clearing it of Team Aqua does not. I swear to god, these caves suck. Coco finds the TM Earthquake though, that makes it all worth it. Holly learns Earthquake, forgetting Dig.
  3. Aqua Leader Archie’s always been kind of decent or polite to Coco, and still is. For his dreams to come true, he must fight her, and so it ends. Archie’s Pokémon just aren’t a match for Tess, who knocks out each of them with a solid Thunderbolt.
  4. It’s too late though, and Kyogre wakes up and starts flooding the world, Team Magma shows up to give the clichéd “you fools!” Magma’s Maxie and Aqua’s Archie work out their differences to stop the apocalypse.
  5. The rain effect here is actually really good, combined with the music it creates a really dark and moody tone I really dig. Reminds me of Pokémon The First Movie’s rain storm. While Underwater Coco catches Natalie the Wailmer. While on Route 126 a Wild Gyrados kills itself in confusion before I can catch it, meaning that Route 126 is – you guessed it, a bust.
  6. The citizens of Sootopolis are witnessing the fight of the century between Kyogre and Groudon, the heavyweight champion. One citizen put it so poetically as “One big Pokémon is fighting another big Pokémon.”
  7. The Cave of Origin, what a cool place. The music’s not original, we’ve heard it before in the game back in… meteorite…cave… whatever. It’s beautiful, calming music at a tense point in the story. A moment of course, interrupted by a wild Clefairy. Mel the Clefairy was sent to Box 2.
  8. Wallace, the guy that’s supposed to reassure me that everything’s okay uses the words “But there aren’t just two super-ancient Pokémon.” Which is of course the proper name for the era; present, past, history, ancient-history, super-ancient-history. Wallace has no idea where to find this third, super-ancient Pokémon, Rayquaza, but I could give him some hints. See, just about every other person in Hoenn has told me how they’ve seen a weird, long, giant, green Pokémon in the sky – and I know it’s in the Sky Pillar somewhere.
  9. Coco stops at the Pokémart to restock on supplies, nice of them to stay open while two giant Pokémon wreak havoc on your city. A man inside the shop is too scared to go outside; he’s got the right idea staying inside a Pokémart. It seems real nice and cozy inside there, probably air conditioned too.
  10. On the first floor of the Sky Pillar, Coco and Karen run into a wild Male Nidoran. Giancarlo the Nidoran was caught with an Ultra Ball and sent to Box 2, but not without poisoning Karen. That’s going to cost an antidote. Nidoran’s cool, because that means Nidoking somewhere down the line – but there were Aerodactyl in the Sky Pillar too, and what I wouldn’t give to have run into an Aerodactyl first instead of freaking Nidoran. Coco wakes up Rayquaza, who saves the day back in Sootopolis. Maxie and Archie vanish, as do Kyogre and Groudon. All that’s left for Coco to do is take on the Sootopolis Gym, and then the Elite Four. Next time, on the Nuzlog.

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