Shopping Dilemma

I can barely stand shopping in physical stores. Hours pass by as I wonder whether or not to buy this or that. I have to deal with people. I see so many things I’m not interested in. I see so many things that I want but make no sense to buy. I’m overwhelmed by products and people and lights and god awful store sounds.

And yet I don’t mind the hours and hours I probably spend on Amazon, looking at and reading reviews about things that I add to my Amazon Wishlist and stay there for years – never to be purchased. I don’t mind adding literally hundreds of posters to my wish list on Society6 , which add up to thousands of dollars worth of posters – even though I only own three and will probably only buy two more in the coming months. I don’t mind spending money on Threadless, Amazon, Steam, Kickstarter.

Is there something wrong with this? No. Clearly I hate physical stores and there’s something I enjoy about digital ones. I just need to stop and think about it one day. But it was making me sick in the head today; when I followed my family on a near five-hour shopping spree, how much I was looking forward to getting home and doing online shopping. I was so overwhelmed at Target, Staples, and all the rest of the shops  – but I couldn’t wait to boot up Animal Crossing and check out the T&T Mart, or look at posters on Society6 for another few hours.

Brain hurts. Feeling weird.

I’m all lost in the supermarket, I can no longer shop happily.
I came in here for that special offer, guaranteed personality.

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