What’s Up? (8/16/13)

I’ve been sick since Monday; hence no new posts since then. Cough, sore throat, stuffy nose, the works. Saw a Doctor today, his diagnosis? The Allegra I was using to get better might have made me worse. It’s probably viral, not bacterial. I should just take some tea (he asked if I could handle tea, hell yes I can handle tea!) and some plain old Mucinex. He suggested gargling salt water, but I might skip that step. I’ve always hated gargling salt water, most likely because I’ve never gotten the hang of gargling, period – so gargling salt water turns into almost swallowing and coughing up salt water. I’ll gargle hot water though, I can give my Doctor that much.

Seeing Anamanaguchi today. Well, if I meet the Webster Hall dress code that is. Since I bought the tickets I’ve been worried sick about meeting the dress code. I suppose I’m seeing a band that calls for a gnarly, nasty hipster dress code in a white button-down shirt and black dress pants. This will be my third Anamanaguchi show, after seeing them first at The Silent Barn back when it was in Queens, and seeing them at the Blip Festival back at the Eyebeam in Chelsea. This time they’ll be accompanied with the awesome light show stuff that their Kickstarter enabled them to afford, and as a backer of the Kickstarter this’ll probably be the best  reward I’ll ever get from the site.



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