Nuzlocke Challenge: Log Twenty-Nine (Finale)

  1. I make some changes in move-lineups to help navigate the Victory Road. Kingsford learned Rock Smash and forgot Confuse Ray, and Tess learned Flash and forgot Dynamic Punch. HM’s are needed to navigate Victory Road, and I don’t want to shoehorn in HM Slaves into the Team right now. Kingsford reached level 57 and learned Fire Blast, forgetting Fire Punch. Tess reached level 57 and learned Thunder, forgetting Thunder Punch. Coco taught Tess Brick Break, and she forgot Light Screen.
  2. Everyone on the team reaches level 57, just from training against the Pokémon in the first area of the Victory Road. This might sound crazy too, but Coco took Paul the Delibird and flew all the way back to Littleroot, and walked to Route 103 – so that Paul could use Thief to steal Sharp Beaks from a Dodrio. The Sharp Beak increases the power of flying type attacks which would be great for Karen.
  3. While trying and trying over and over again to steal a Sharp Beak, Coco runs into a Shiny Dustox. I couldn’t care about the Nuzlocke rules any less right now, because this was my first shiny ever. The Shiny Dustox was caught without problem; I named him Benjen and he was added to Box 2.
  4. Paul steals a Silverpowder from a Dustox, which boosts Bug-Type moves and after probably nearly a hundred battles with Dodrios, Paul steals a Sharp Beak from a Dodrio, for Karen.
  5. Back in Victory Road my team is shutting down Cool Trainers left and right. Coco finds the TM 29: Psychic. Elie learned Psychic, forgetting Psybeam. Coco used a PP Up to raise Psychic from 10 PP to 12.After some monotonous training you should be thankful I didn’t describe in detail; the entire team reaches level 60. I finally use the 6 rare candies I’ve stocked up to then raise the entire team to level 61.
  6. Coco goes to Dewford to pick up the TM Sludge Bomb for Izabell (who learns Sludge Bomb, forgetting Acid) and then there’s only one thing left to do: Start the Elite Four Challenge. I’ll be recording the battle and will try to embed the video in this post.
  7. The first battle with Sydney the dark-type trainer goes spectacularly, with Karen easily knocking out his Pokémon and Tess taking out his last – Crawdaunt. The second battle with Phoebe the ghost-type trainer goes less smoothly, nobody is lost but I will need to heal. Elie and Kingsford both got knocked into the yellow zone.
  8. The third battle with Glacia the ice-type trainer is really, really easy. Tess takes out the ice/water-types and Kingsford takes out the ice-types, nobody on my team is hurt this round. The fourth battle with Drake the dragon-type trainer is a little difficult, but Holly manages to knock out nearly everyone with that Ice-Beam of hers. When all is said and done, and you can check the video to see how I did – I think we were totally prepared for the Elite Four.
  9. And now, the fight against Champion Wallace. I put Izabell up front, and Tess is right behind her. Izabell is knocked out by Wailord’s Blizzard. Nooooo! It’s up to Tess to do the rest, dammit. I shouldn’t have put Izabell up front. Karen knocks out a Ludicolo, and Holly knocks out a Whiscash – everybody’s pulling their own weight this last battle. In our great adventure, it is Elie who finishes it all off. With a Psychic to Wallace’s Tentacruel – Coco becomes a Pokémon Champion.
  10. BRENDAN shows up and just cannot believe that I’ve just beaten Wallace. Yeah, get used to it Not-Champion BRENDAN. Freaking Professor Birch is still displeased at my lacking Pokédex but he just doesn’t understand a good Nuzlocke when he sees one. The team is entered in the Hall of Fame and the credits roll. Next time on the Nuzlog: A final reflection.

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