What’s Up? (9/8/13)

I’m a little hungover right now. It’s Sunday, and there’s really no time to screw around on Sunday – and so I’m awake. I don’t feel great but if I’m going to start a productive day I might as well start by writing something.

I try to avoid being open about drinking on social media sites, you might notice that there are no pictures of  me holding any alcoholic beverages or anything on Facebook – though I have taken and shared some pretty artsy photos of Vodka bottles. Some of that “Your employers will see you drinking and not hire you” stuff has definitely gotten to me but man – as soon as I’m 21… well nothing might change because I don’t want to seem like a jack-ass that posts pictures of himself drinking all the time. I was open about drinking in an English writing course here at Pitt, describing in short detail how being drunk makes me feel (great). And so I figure if I’m open about drinking for academic purposes then future employers might understand or even appreciate that sort of honesty. I might have set this up with too much pretense, as the only thing I have to say about drinking today is that I’ve made a very good drink this weekend. The recipe comes from a set of Bioshock Infinite inspired “vigor” mixes and it’s called “Possession.” Three fl.oz of Midori, three fl.oz of Blue Curacao, and the rest is just how much lemonade fits in the glass. It’s tasty, and it’s really too sweet – but I don’t exactly have a problem with “too sweet” when it comes to drinks. In any case, since I’ve been making “Possessions” you could say I’ve gotten a little possessed this weekend, and the terminology has been catching onto my roommates.


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