What’s Up? (9/14/13)

I’m watching the Pitt football game right now. Currently they’ve got an 18-point lead over the University of New Mexico, though that doesn’t seem like it’s going to last long.

Things are very well in my life, I think. A plastic rug with a Turkish Rug print on it arrived via UPS on Thursday, and it’s a welcome addition to one of our apartment’s two balconies. It adds a lot of character, and serves to keep our feet off of the balcony’s way-nasty concrete floor. Another thing happened on Thursday: Turbo Kickboxing. I thought I’d be embarrassed by getting sweaty, out of breath, and awkward with the punching-and-kicking moves, but I really wasn’t.  Yeah I might have been in the worst shape out of everyone there, and one of three men, but I really was not feeling bad about it.

And another thing happened on Thursday: I started watching Miami Vice. The two-episode pilot of the 1984 buddy cop drama was amazing, and just oozed with amazing aesthetics, music, and character archetypes. I watched a third episode yesterday, and I think I’ll stick with the show. This isn’t an ironic love either, I’m not just watching and going “wow it’s so 80’s”, I’m watching and going “wow it’s so 80’s, and good!”

And New Mexico had to settle for a field goal, Pitt has a 15-point lead.


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