What’s Up? (9/25/13)

Nearly  every single time I write one of these entries, I have to double check and see how I write the dates. Do I use (9/25/2013) or simply just (9/25/13)? You’d think after doing this for months I’d know the answer, but I don’t.

As I’m writing this, I’m listening to Michel Legrand’s very pleasant “I Love Paris” (1954) on vinyl. By the way I own a record player now. I’m not the type of guy that’s going to tell you that you need a record player because it sounds so much better than digital music; no, the real reason to get a record player is so you can experience new music. I would have never listened to Michel Legrand if it wasn’t for the sheer fact that it was a dollar in Jerry’s Records bargain bin, and it had a rendition of “La Vie En Rose” on it.  Buying things I’ve never heard of because the album looks cool, or because I knew a song, or the artist, it’s great. This isn’t special to records, as I’ve bought bargain bin CD’s for the same reasons – but there’s just weirder records out there than CD’s. If you don’t have the means to sift through a local record store’s bargain albums; and could only buy new records, I might be a little colder on the “you should get a record player” thing. I love my records, but I can’t take Michel Legrand with me wherever I go (even though the Crosley Cruiser record player I got is arguably portable) and as such digital music is still pretty awesome. I don’t know if people draw lines in the sand between the two mediums, but that’s what I have to say… both are cool.

Which reminds me, I need to buy Nine Inch Nails new album… I’m seeing them in two weeks and I really should familiarize myself with the new stuff.

Anyways, the real reason I’m writing this post is to say this: I write because I like to write. I know that… practically nobody reads this, but writing is therapeutic. If I were to tragically die tomorrow, then there’s this big whole log of most everything I think and encounter during my life here. In this Journalism class I’m taking, we had to listen to an interview with Esquire/ESPN’s Chris Jones who said something along the lines of “People who say they just write for art, that’s wanky bullshit.” Maybe if my living depended on writing, I’d agree with him, maybe I’d see the truth in a lot of the things he talks about, like how journalism is a competitive business and it’s all about being the best. But this is these are the same reasons I’m not lining up to use my art talents for a living; I love making art, but if making art for a living is all about doing what someone else demands, being competitive, doing it for the paycheck and not the satisfaction of creation, then screw that. And if Chris Jones’ view of journalism is how it really is, then I’m glad I’m not an English major thinking about going into journalism. I’m an English major because I love to write, and I’m going to put my honed writing skills to use i whatever I do for a living – but I’ll never sacrifice writing for the art of it.


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