Nuzlocke Challenge 2: Log Two

Log Two

  1. Neko puts on his running shoes and heads out on Route 101 to catch his first Pokemon, hopefully. He catches a Level 2 Barboach, and names it Nicky. Nicky is a Rock and Steel Type Pokemon, with a Timid Nature and a Shed Skin Ability that gives him a 33% chance of randomly curing Burns or Poisons. He knows the attack Muddy Water. He doesn’t seem like a poor team mate.
  2. With some light training, Nicky reaches Level 6 and learns Iron Tail, and Thundershock. Dude, what? Nicky seems pretty freaking awesome, actually.
  3. Neko’s second acquisition of the day is Osiris, a Level 2 Magmar he captured on Route 103. Osiris is a Dark Type Pokemon, with an ability that makes him impervious to paralyze, a Sassy Nature, and he knows four moves already. Hidden Power, Teeter Dance, Thundershock, and Super Fang. On top of all of this, Osiris was holding a Great Ball, so Neko gets a head start on the advanced inventory items.
  4. Neko and I force Osiris to Level 6 by making him kill Onixes over and over again, but he doesn’t learn anything. Still, I have a soft spot for Magmar’s since Kingsford – and even if this isn’t a Fire-Type Magmar, I have a good feeling about Osiris.
  5. Neko’s third catch of the day is Chu, a Level 4 Chinchou captured on Route 102. Chu is a Flying Type Pokemon, with Marvel Scale ability, a Gentle Nature, and knowledge of the Façade and Mean Look attacks.
  6. Neko’s first opponent on Route 102 is Rattata Rank Calvin, who has a grossly green Houndoom, and then his second opponent is Rye Catcher Rick who owns a bright pink Cloyster, and a bright red Gorebyss. I have to stop and think for a second about how bizarre the trainer randomizations are.
  7. In Petalburg, Neko’s father makes him take some kid named Wally into the tall grass to catch a Pokemon. Neko’s father gives him a Bayleef of all things, to help in this errand. Talk about downgrading! Here’s a Bayleef, now, go use it to catch one hell of a Rattata. In practice though, Wally gets a major upgrade, as he catches one badass Oddish that nearly killed his Bayleef. Wally and Neko return to the Petalburg Gym, where Neko’s father is furious that Wally almost got the Pokemon lent to him killed.
  8. On Route 104, Neko runs into the coolest looking Skarmory anyone’s ever seen before. The monster is a bright purple and blue, flying steel death machine that reminds him of when he used to play Halo 2. As such, when this monstrosity is tamed and captured, Neko names it Banshee. Banshee is a Psychic and Water Type Pokemon, with an ability that raises Attack, and knowledge of Swift, and Beat Up. For as cool as Banshee looks, he’s kind of underwhelming.
  9. Neko is out of Pokeballs and has to spend some of his fight money to replenish his stock. Capturing four Pokemon in one day and only wasting six Pokeballs isn’t at all bad, Neko figures. After fighting some trainers on Petalburg’s beaches, Nikita reaches Level 11 and learns Flatter, which is an alright move.
  10. Despite the weird makeup of the team, and the potentially interesting future of this squad, Neko finds himself somewhat bored here in Petalburg. He’s almost acquired a full team of six, but he’s unfamiliar with most of them. On the shores of this small town, Neko wonders what the hell any of this is about, and why he couldn’t have lived a quieter life. Nuzlocke 4

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