What’s Up? (10/1/13)

A lot has happened since I last wrote. The longer I go without writing about those things, the more likely it is that I forget them. Unfortunately, that’s the case with this edition of What’s Up. I know since I last wrote, I once fell asleep in my day clothes for eleven hours, on top of my bed sheets with all of the lights on in my room: but I forget how, why, and when. I know I’ve played a few hours of Grand Theft Auto V, and I knew it was incredibly hilarious, awesome, and addicting. I know I went to a University of Pittsburgh football game, and had a great time. I know I watched the finale of Breaking Bad, and it was incredibly, unbelievably satisfying. Without writing these What’s Up pieces every once in a while, no matter how inane some might seem, it’d be hard to remember how things happened, and when they happened. My life is like a series of scattered dots without these blogs to connect them.

That being said, I want to talk a little bit of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Since buying Animal Crossing, I’ve played it almost every day consistently, missing all of five days maybe, definitely less than ten days. I’ve never time traveled, I don’t understand why you would. Mayor Sandwich of New Deli, and all of it’s residents: I love them all. The game is so charming, the music, the art, the writing: I know I’ve said this over and over again, but there’s nothing about New Leaf that doesn’t put a smile on my face every time I play it. I never want to miss a sale from the Nooklings,  I never want to miss out on what the Able Sisters are offering, I don’t want the flowers of my town to die out. Animal Crossing: New Leaf is unlike anything I’ve ever played before, and I feel like expressing this love for the game from time to time, like today.


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