What’s Up? (10/7/13)

It’s Monday Night. I’m watching the New York Jets play the Atlanta Falcons and it isn’t a total disaster yet. I’m borrowing a recipe from A Girl Called Liqueur, and it’s delicious. Nine Inch Nails is tomorrow, and I’m incredibly excited about it. Hesitation Marks is an incredible album, and I’ve been listening to it on Spotify for the better part of a week now. I’m excited for Pokemon X & Y this weekend. This week is looking to be a good one.

But this was a rough weekend. There were laughs, lots of laughs, but I was seriously broken on Saturday, and I drank to fight that pain. An incredible amount of Franzia was had on Saturday, I was irresponsibly drunk, and slept on a couch, leaving my neck sore for all of Sunday. None of it helped, really. And nobody else knows. As far as everybody was concerned, I just got silly on Saturday. I was hurt. You’ll hear more from A Girl Called Liqueur soon, no doubt. She’s a channel for the things I feel that need be channeled through a voice, not my own.

The New York Jets continue to surprise me. They’re doing quite well right now. That’s nice.


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