On Skipping Class: The Reasons Why

I feel like I’ve skipped class more than usual, since last week. Skipping class makes me feel guilty, no matter what my reasons are. Still, I thought explaining these reasons out there might help with the guilt. Listed below are three reasons I use to skip class, organized from the choices that result in the least amount of guilt, to the most amount. So far this semester, I have skipped five classes, and missed one unintentionally.

1. The Post-Exam (I have something better to do) Skip
Featured last Thursday and this morning, the post-exam skip is exactly what it sounds like. The last class featured an exam, and as such, you reason that this class is nothing but the start of a new topic, the notes are on power-point, and it’s hardly worth your time! This excuse works particularly well, if you have something legitimate to attend to in place of the class, something that arguably is  a better use of your time. This choice is rationalized logically, and results in the least amount of guilt.

2. The Almost-Overslept Skip
Sometimes, If I miss an alarm, I can still hustle to get to class late, but only by 5 or 10 minutes. However, if I wake up 5 or 10 minutes into class, I suppose I’ll just make an excuse like “Well, it’s too late to do anything about that, back to bed.” I’ve only done this once this semester, again on last Thursday (I took no classes on Thursday, but made up for my absolute lack of sleep on Wednesday, and got some house chores done). I normally prefer to show up to class, even if I am horribly late, just to send the message to the Professor that, “Hey, I tried.” This choice is rationalized selfishly, turning “almost overslept” into “completely overslept.”

3. The Embarrassment Skip
I’m using this one right now, as it turns out. This one is the worst, and I was sick with anxiety in making the choice to skip class. Basically, this is the choice to skip class when you look like you just got out of bed (I did), you have nothing to contribute to class (because I don’t), and you’re just too ashamed to even show your face in class (I am). I combed the syllabus over and over again, and could not tell the difference grade-wise between showing up, and not participating, and not showing up. This choice is rationalized emotionally, rather than logically, and feeds on the idea that I’d feel better by skipping class, rather than facing the music.

You shouldn’t use these reasons to constantly excuse yourself from class, and I don’t. Skipping class is something I wish I didn’t do, and I write about it not to spread the word on how to do it, but because I want to learn how not to. Why did I end up skipping two classes today? Because of sleep. Because I was up all night writing a paper for my first English Literature course. I made the decision to go home and sleep, which seemed so right at the time, and so bad in hindsight. I want to change.


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