What’s Up? (11/4/13)

I nodded off in bed while reading my assignment for English literature, and experienced an interesting conflict in my brain.  I was overheating, wearing too many layers, but comfortable, and the sleep felt so good. Part of me wanted to stay asleep, to wake up from this nap at 8AM, struggling to finish assignments by 10AM, or giving up all together. Of course the other part of me, the louder part, insisted otherwise. Handing in quality assignments on time is in our better interest, in the long-run, and a shitty, sweaty sleep is a selfish short-term want.

So, I’m here now, writing in the wake of choosing the working side, over the sleeping side. It’s an attempt to stay awake, and a chance to get things off my chest that are of immediate importance.

For instance: I hate Fantasy Football, and I wish I never played it. Fantasy Football is ruining Sundays for me. A day which, without Football, has absolutely nothing going for it.  And instead of just watching some good old games, I’m watching a bunch of individual players that are owned by this guy, or that guy,  and I want these players to do well, but not these players. And you know what? Part of the reason I’m so bitter about it is that I’m just bad at it. It’d be one thing if I just had a poor roster, but I have a decent roster that I don’t know what to do with. I could have won a game tonight, but I benched a dude that scored over forty points. And the people in my league, my friends, suck. I’m so tired of hearing them talk seriously about football, I’m so tired of them offering me bad trades because they think I’m an absolute idiot when it comes to football. I’m tired of it. I’ve blocked our Fantasy League from my Facebook Feed, I’m going to refuse to do anything about how bad my team is, and I’m going to pretend it doesn’t exist from here on out.


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